Aesthetic Programmes

flacidez abdominal

SHA Biological Abdominal Rejuvenation

Apart from having a flat tummy, it is also important that it is firm and wrinkle-free. Sudden weight loss can often leave stretch marks that are worth getting rid of.
reafirmar glúteos

SHA complete biological gluteal rejuvenation

Getting firm buttocks is a problem of the past thanks to the specific beneficial treatment that is available with this aesthetic programme.
rejuvenecer cuello

SHA complete biological neck and neckline rejuvenation

The neck and neckline are two of the areas of the body that are most affected by external agents such as the sun and temperature changes. Rejuvenate them.

SHA complete forearm sculpting

Arms are one of the areas of the body that are the most prone to flaccidity but with this treatment package for arms you can get their youthful tone and vitality back again.
Tratamiento de arrugas en el cuello

SHA complete neck sculpting

Having a smooth and firm neck, without wrinkles or blemishes is essential to look young and healthy.

SHA thigh volume modification

The thighs are one of the areas of the body where fat accumulates, which negatively affects our overall appearance. Learn how to reduce volume on your thighs in a easy and safe way.
reafirmar glúteos

SHA complete gluteal sculpting

Having strong firm buttocks is what the majority of women wish for and with these specific treatments it is indeed possible.
arrugas en las manos

SHA all-round hand rejuvenation

Our hands accumulate many signs of aging: blemishes, wrinkles, marks… This programme includes the adequate treatment to mitigate them.
tratamiento antienvejecimiento

SHA all-round rejuvenation

The most comprehensive treatment pack to improve your appearance and take years off in just a few sessions and without surgery.
arrugas en las manos

SHA hand rejuvenation

Mitigate time taking its toll out on your hands with the treatment available in this programme.
tratamiento antiedad hombres

SHA rejuvenation for men

Because men deserve to be pampered too, this is why we have combined very demanded treatments to enhance your appearance.
rejuvenecimiento natural

SHA natural biological rejuvenation

A way to rejuvenate yourself through bio-mesopuncture that stimulates our skin and regenerates it from inside out.
rejuvenecimiento corporal

SHA body rejuvenation

A specific treatment pack to reduce volume and sculpt the whole body, by eliminating flaccid skin and cellulitis.
tratamientos facial

SHA facial rejuvenation

Stimulate the skin’s collagen and mitigate signs of aging such as wrinkles and expression lines with specific facial treatment.