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Derma Aesthetics

Derma Aesthetics

At SHA we believe that physical appearance is also an important element in order to achieve balance between body and mind, feel good about yourself and gain    confidence. For that purpose, we have the most advanced non-invasive medical procedures for delaying the signs of ageing, in order to regain the healthy, young and natural shine of skin.

Comprised of specialists of renowned international prestige, the SHA Derma Aesthetics Unit perfectly combines manual and cutting-edge techniques through a simple and quick procedure based on an initial medical assessment, diagnosis and procedure. It makes it possible to obtain excellent results and immediately return to your normal activity regardless of the ailment to be treated: accidity, localised fat, injuries or capillary problems.

Derma Aesthetics

Derma Aesthetics

Medical Consultation with a Specialist

At the medical consultation with the specialist in aesthetic dermatology a comprehensive face and body diagnosis is given based on the experience of the professionals and by using the most innovative diagnosis methods and the latest technology.

  • Facial scanner for a complete analysis of the facial expression and skin, to determine the biological age of the dermis, assess the type of pigmentation and skin flushing, the levels of collagen and elastin, the degree of wrinkling, and to assess the volumes and facial proportions, which is extremely useful to be able to apply advanced dermatology techniques.
  • Overall skin examination to determine the general condition of the skin, the levels of skin quality, detect areas of localised fat to prescribe the most suitable treatment, and eliminate the localised fat, detect skin flaccidity in arms, legs, tummy and buttocks caused by an increase or decrease in weight and volume, to then take specific steps to correct it.

The derma aesthetic consultation includes complete aesthetic advice, the most suitable treatment for your needs are determined and    prescribed from an extensive range of treatment that is available at SHA.

Derma Aesthetic Treatments

Facial Treatments:

  • Revitalizing mesotherapy facial treatment for the face, hands, neck and cleavage using hyaluronic acid and biomimetic peptides, according to the specific case.
  • Facial tightening treatment with Radiese, Thread Lifts or Restylane.
  • Lip Refresh – Lip rejuvenation.
  • Platelet rich plasma facial.
  • Filling of grooves and periorial wrinkles, cheekbones and the temporal region (Juvederm, RX Teoxane).
  • Expression line treatment with botulin toxin.

Facial Treatments using Technology:

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): This is used to treat broken face capillaries, pigmentation and photoepilation.
  • Ultherapy: And advance dermatology treatment using highly focused ultrasound energy to naturally lift and tone the face, neck and cleavage. Only one session of the treatment a year is carried out, which is not invasive and it stimulates the production of collagen.
  • Dual Fraxel Laser: Micro fractionated laser treatment to repair skin damaged by the sun.
  • Clear & Brilliant: Treatment that consists in using a micro fractionated laser without a recovery period to close pores, improve skin tone and complexion.
  • Thermage: Treatment with medical radiofrequency, for a natural, non-invasive face-lift.
  • Four Seasons Bio-stimulation: Skin revitalisation through an innovative anti-ageing method that makes it possible to obtain immediate revitalising effects at any time of the year, even in the months with greatest sun exposure.

Body Treatments:.

  • Body Mesotherapy: For lymphatic drainage and to work on localized fat.

Body treatments with the help of technology:

  • Thermage CPT: Treatment for accidity on the tummy, arms, legs, buttocks and knees.
  • Liposonix: Treatment that destroys localized fat around the waist, the tummy, thighs, the excess fat on upper thighs and knees, to lose centimetres without having surgery.
  • Dual Fraxel Laser: Suitable treatment to repair skin damaged by the sun and scars.
  • Rejuvenation of the feminine intimate area (CO2RE Intima):
    Non-surgical genital rejuvenation treatment through a laser that prevents infections, improves the pelvicoor and reduces urinary incontinence. Advanced technology for a complete recovery of fe- male intimate health.
Dr. Rafael Navas
[:en]Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery (University of Córdoba, Spain) with a Master's Degree in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). He is also a specialist in the field of Dermatopathology, thanks to his studies in Pathology. He finished his research work at the National Institute of Health in the USA, publishing several articles. Currently working on the latest technological advances and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments in order to make them more personalized, efficient and safe for the patient.[:es]Licenciado en Medicina y Cirugía General (Universidad de Córdoba, España) con Máster en Medicina Estética y Antienvejecimiento (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Es además especialista en el área de la Dermatopatología, tras su formación como patólogo. Finaliza su labor investigadora en el National Institute of Health de EEUU publicando diversos artículos. Actualmente trabaja en los últimos avances tecnológicos y mínimamente invasivos de la medicina estética con la finalidad de hacerlos más personalizados, eficientes y seguros.[:fr]Diplômé en médecine et chirurgie générale (Universidad de Córdoba, Cordoue), titulaire d’un master en médecine esthétique et anti-âge (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Il est également spécialiste dans le domaine de la dermatopathologie, à l’issue d’une formation de pathologiste. Il déploie son activité de chercheur au sein du National Institute of Health aux États-Unis via la publication de différents articles. Il travaille actuellement en lien avec les tout derniers progrès technologiques et traitements mini-invasifs de la médecine esthétique, afin de les rendre plus personnalisés, performants et sûrs.[:de]Abschluss in Allgemeinmedizin und Chirurgie (Universität Cordoba, Spanien) mit einem Masterabschluss in ästhetischer und Anti-Aging-Medizin (Complutense University of Madrid). Nach seiner Ausbildung zum Pathologen ist er auch Spezialist auf dem Gebiet der Dermatopathologie. Seine Forschungsarbeit am National Institute of Health in den USA beendet er mit der Veröffentlichung mehrerer Artikel. Derzeit arbeitet er an den neuesten technologischen und minimal-invasiven Fortschritten in der ästhetischen Medizin mit dem Ziel, sie individueller, effizienter und sicherer zu gestalten.[:ru]Врач со специальностью «Общая медицина и хирургия» (Кордовский университет, Испания), прошедший магистерскую программу по эстетической и противовозрастной медицине (Мадридский университет Комплутенсе). Доктор также является специалистом в области дерматопатологии после соответствующего обучения в области патологии. Публикацией различных статей Рафаэль Навас завершает исследовательскую работу в Национальном институте здравоохранения США. В настоящее время он работает над самыми последними технологическими и минимально инвазивными достижениями в области эстетической медицины, ставя целью сделать их максимально персонализированными, эффективными и безопасными.[:ar]حاصل على بكالوريوس الطب والجراحة العامة (جامعة قرطبة، إسبانيا) وحاصل على درجة الماجستير في الطب التجميلي ومكافحة الشيخوخة (جامعة مدريد المركزية - كمبلوتنسي-)، وهو أيضاً متخصص في مجال الأمراض الجلدية، بعد تدريبه وتأهيله كأخصائي في علم الأمراض. أنهى عمله البحثي في المعهد الوطني للصحة في الولايات المتحدة ونشر العديد من المقالات. إنه يعمل حالياُ على أحدث التطورات التكنولوجية والطب التجميلي ذي الحد الأدنى من الجراحة من أجل جعله أكثر تخصيصاً وكفاءة وأماناً.[:]
Treatment included in:
Weight-Control & Detox

Weight Loss



To achieve a reduction in weight by means of a healthy, progressive and balanced programme - under strict medical supervision and supported by a team of nutrition experts and a programme of physical exercise. To continue the weight loss campaign on returning home, using the healthy techniques and lifestyle habits acquired at SHA. The aim is to maintain the results achieved, and to avoid any rebound effect.

  Length: 7 days minimum I 14 days recommended  
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