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Tips and remedies against the hair loss

Did you know that hair health is associated with the kidney function?

Hair fall may indicate that we have weak kidneys, and this may be due to excessive consumption of liquids, sugars and other foods in our diet that tend to cool, weaken and cause expansion.

Are you worried about your hair loss?

Looking at some of the typical foods of the summer months we can understand quite well because there is a tendency for hair loss in autumn. In the warmer months, it is typical to drink a lot of juices and abundant sugary drinks, yoghurts and ice creams in an effort to assuage the feeling of warmth. However, although we feel refreshed, these summer food and beverages has a direct effect on our kidneys and weakens them. And, therefore, our hair also becomes weaker.

Another food that weakens the kidney and has a great effect demineralizing is sugar, present as we know in most of the drinks we consume in summer and in ice creams. Sugar quickly acidifies our organism producing a mineral loss and also affects our hair, favoring the appearance of the undesired white hair.

Food and drinks of summer influences the hair loss

In addition, the expansive energy of this type of food produces a pore opening which facilitates further hair loss. If we add that autumn is characterized by a descending energy (notice the leaves falling from the trees), is relatively normal for us to have hair loss at this time of year.

However, we can always follow some tips to avoid it as, for example, eating foods that help to alkaline and, on the other hand, favor a lock power. So, it would be interesting:

To increase the consumption of seaweeds. The hiziki seaweed, is particularly suitable for hair health. We may also use the arame seaweed, easier to prepare.

To include black sesame in our meals, since along with the seaweeds will help to mineralize our bodies and also delay the onset of white hair.

Avoid the hair loss with the benefits of black sesame

• Finally, a miso soup a day will help to alkalize and replenish minerals, among other health benefits.

If the problem is major you can try the following simple and effective home remedies for avoiding the hair loss:

Apply a small amount of aloe vera gel on the scalp and leave on for 10 minutes. Then wash as usual.

Benefits of Aloe Vera to avoid the hair loss

Massage the scalp with black sesame oil.

• Take a daily tip of a teaspoon of powdered coral dissolved in a glass of warm water.

We hope these tips will serve to have a much stronger hair and healthy!

Article written by Isabel Moreno, healthy nutrition expert at SHA Wellness Clinic.


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