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The ultimate in aesthetics: LipoSonix®, liposuction without surgery

SHA Wellness Clinic has just incorporated the newest treatment in non-invasive aesthetic medicine: Liposonix®, the best alternative for those who want to eliminate localized fat without surgery. It is a fast, safe and effective way for fat removal that does not require surgery or anesthesia and uses no injections or needles.Liposonix

Liposonix® is a High Frequency medical equipment, a new technology that applies ultrasonic waves up to 30W of power on waist down areas that we want to remove the fat (abdomen, legs, flanks, love handles…). The High Energy Focused Ultrasounds (HIFU) produce a thermo-mechanical effect to destroy the fatty tissue of the chosen area. They are used to destroy the subcutaneous fat tissue, reaching a specific depth without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues. In addition, they have a warming effect on the skin that reaffirms it and gives a smooth and healthy aspect after its realization.

The process is to get these waves to destroy adipocytes (fat cells) concentrated in the deep areas of our skin and reduce the volume they occupy gradually. Several medical and scientific studies have shown that this treatment does not alter the levels of fat in the blood, so it does not affect our organism, because the fat is destroyed and goes away permanently. Furthermore, as where an adipocyte is destroyed another one cannot be generated, the treated area will remain free of fat forever.

liposonix diagram

This diagram explains how Liposonix destroys the fat

Liposonix effect

The HIFU affect only to the intern cells without damaging the skinThis effective treatment requires only one session and recovery is almost immediate. However, it is recommended not to practice strenuous exercise in five days, as its maximum results are observed between 8 and 12 weeks after completion. When the destroyed fat is completely gone from our body, we will note the permanent loss of contour (about 2’5cm, depending on each person).

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“The ultimate in aesthetics: LipoSonix®, liposuction without surgery”

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