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The best of Aqua Fitness

Aqua fitness or water aerobics is the perfect sport for summer, as we burn calories and do physical effort without noticing the warmth. Additionally, water exercises allow us to perform multiple movements with greater range and freedom of action.

Water offers a safe environment in which to perform plenty of water exercises without stress on the joints and, depending on the intensity of the movements, you can strenghten your muscles or activate your cardiovascular system. Water is one of the ultimate therapeutic elements and we can integrate some floating objects to complete the exercises (tables, fins, weights…).

water aerobics

As our personal trainer Luciana Colombo says, swimming is one of the most complete sports there are and, by performing water fitness exercises, we work all our overall body and we get to burn calories without sweating (actually our body sweats, but we do not notice).

The aquatic fitness can be performed by pool exercises and also in the sea, if it is not too deep. In addition, we can take advantage of waves and sea currents to to work upstream and harden the exercises.

The main benefits of exercise in water are:

  • The water exercises increase muscle strength and reduce the likelihood of falls and injuries, especially in joints.
  • Water resistance minimizes the impact of the jumps and prevents sudden movements so it is very good for people with joint injuries who can not do other type of exercises. For example, aquatic exercises are very useful for people with knee problems.
  • The water gym tones muscles without increasing muscle mass and also helps to relax, thanks to the massage the water exerts on the body, getting strong legs and tighten your belly and reducing the fat stored in these areas of the body.
  • The aquatic fitness strengthens the bones and joints and helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • Aquafitness activates blood circulation, helps you breathe better and contributes to postural reeducation.
  • In the water, the weight of our body decreases between 80 and 90 percent, which enables us any movement. Therefore, the water exercises are highly recommended for pregnant and overweight people, as in water they move more easily and feel more agile and flexible. However, it is best that the water exercises for pregnant women are fully customized.

Need more reasons to practise exercise in water?

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