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The 5 best foods for weight loss in summer

How to lose weight in summer

Although traditionally the summer and holidays are considered a time of excess and relaxation regarding diet, we must change our mindset and consider summer as the best time to take care and action to lose those extra kilos that we have gained. In summer we have more leisure time and we can dedicate more time to take care of our health and wellbeing.

Keep fit during summer is not as difficult as it seems, it only takes good intention and not making too many excesses. That does not mean we should renounce to our whims but self-control must be our greatest ally.

Isabel Moreno, expert in nutrition and natural therapies, helps us with this list of foods to lose weight we can incorporate into our summer diet:

1. Daikon carrot: a Japanese food othat works directly in fat, facilitating its natural elimination. It can be taken in salads, soups and teas.

daikon erases fat

2. Warm salads and vegetables “al dente”: Vegetables are always a good ally in the fight against the extra kilos and it is advisable to consume them at every meal, possibly combined with legumes and whole grains to get the most out of their nutrients. It is convenient to take them poached or in salads because raw vegetables can slow your metabolism and hinder the dissolution of fats.

ensalada templada

3. Mushroom shiitake: shiitake is a dehydrated mushroom that you can now find in many stores and organic supermarkets because of its many properties and health benefits. Shiitake helps improve liver function and protect our immune system and it also helps remove accumulated fat and liquids. In summer, we recommend taking it in cold soups like Spanish ajoblanco.

The 5 best foods for weight loss in summer

The 5 best foods for weight loss in summer

4. Seaweed: Among the many health benefits of seaweed, they block the absorption of fats and contribute to its dissolution and removal. Looking ahead to summer, it’s best to use the lightest seaweed as flaked nori that we can sprinkle on our food, agar-agar to make refreshing jelly or soft wakame for seaweed salads.


5. Ginger: Among its many properties, ginger activates our metabolism and is very effective in helping our digestive system to eliminate fat.

ginger health benefits

But, in addition to incorporating these healthy foods to our diet, we should follow the usual recommendations for a healthy diet: avoid refined carbohydrates (sugar, refined flour, white cereals and pasta…) and replace them with whole grains, avoid consumption of dairy and animal proteins that are difficult to remove (meat, eggs…), reduce salt intake and try to always use unrefined sea salt when cooking (never directly on the plate), etc.. Nor should take alcohol and sugary drinks or sodas that contain large amounts of sugars and produce an expansive and acidifying effect on our body.

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