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WATSU massage and its benefits

Do you need to relax? Do you need to reconnect with yourself? Do you need to find the peace and serenity under all that stress and frenetic life? You then need a WATSU massage.


Take care from the inside – Hydro-colon Therapy

We should pay attention and take care of our digestive system during winter as much as we take care of our respiratory system with coats and scarves, or our skin. The colon is responsible of the last part of the digestion. Good chewing is crucial to have a good digestion, to achieve a valid absorption of nutrients and a punctual evacuation. If we choose to have a controlled diet and

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Tips for returning to the routine and cope the autumn

Autumn has arrived, and both our body and our mind substantially notice the change of seasons. Not many days ago, although many of us had already begun to work after the holidays, we kept the positive summer spirit and the energy and vitality achieved during our rest days. However, with the temperatures droping down and the days getting shorter, the assimilation of the return to routine takes us more and

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