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Healthy pasta recipe

Healthy pasta recipe: Spelt tagliatelis with ratatouille sauce You will love today’s healthy recipe from Shamadi Restaurant at SHA Wellness Clinic that you will love. A dish made with pasta and ratatouille, a delicious combination, great for those who want to take care of their diet without starving.


5 foods that will help you enhance your tan

How to keep your tan for a longer time After a well-deserved summer holidays, one of our main objectives is the maintenance of the beautiful golden skin tone that we get during them; that is why today we show you which 5 foods will help you achieving and maintaining a healthy tan. 5 foods that will boost your tan: Besides using the most appropriate sunscreen and drinking water to ensure a constant hydration of the skin, there

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Healthy recipe: Spelt salad

Healthy summer recipes: Spelt salad One of the main requirements for cooking in summer is that the recipes have to be easy to prepare; that is why today we show you how to prepare a refreshing spelt salad that will become one of your favourite recipes of the season. Spelt Salad of SHA Wellness Clinic   Ingredients for the salad: 500 gr of Spelt: A cereal that is well known for improving the blood flow. 600 gr of Celery:

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