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Tips to live free of energy blocks

Beyond molecules and cells, there is a sea of energy that makes our body. Every molecule, every cell, every organ has its own melody and together they compose the symphony of life. But sometimes an instrument goes out of tune. It’s time then to remind it what is the note to regain the optimal health.


New trends in Fitness: Fun Exercising

Most of us start the school year with great purposes and intentions of getting fit. We visualize us going to the gym every day, running marathons at the end of the year and showing a great abdomen. Many people achieve this, but some are involved in a daily grind of work, family… And exercise routine is lagging behind in the background.


What is Açai?

Açai is a small, round and purple fruit similar to blueberries. It’s a superfood from Brazil where it has become a regular food since it constitutes the 42% of everything a brazilian consumes in a day. Described as a complete food that satisfies many nutritional needs, açai is probably one of the healthiest fruits on the planet.


Tips to reduce stress during pregnancy

Although pregnancy is always a reason to be happy, it can also cause some stress. Since the worry for the baby’s health and child’s birth, the anxiety of the postpartum, work, money, advices from friends… Whatever worries you, it shouldn’t be ignored. That’s why we present  some tips to reduce stress during pregnancy. Take note!  


What is Onychophagia?

Nervousness, boredom, emotional disorders and stress are some of the causes of onychophagia. Many people experience this compulsive habit of nail biting without realizing that sometimes it can turn into a chronic disease.


Start your digital diet: Learn to manage the use of technologies

Probably  you have experienced that while having a priority activity using the computer you have had the need to open a new window to check something different. Probably sometimes you have to re-read the same sentence several times before writing an important letter or you have experienced you can’t focus in the same topic more than 10 minutes.


The importance of breakfast

Many people don’t feel hungry when they wake up even if they almost didn’t eat the night before. Their body needs some time to re-start and feel hungry, that’s why they just have a coffe, juice or a couple of cookies for breakfast. Altough, skipping breakfast is not a good option and it brings bad consequences throughout the day.


Recommendations for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that progressively contributes to their deterioration, increasing the risk of fractures. It’s a disease that nowadays affects to 75 million people in Europe, usually women over 65, but it also affects older men.


Healthy Nutrition for kids

Eating habits have changed a lot over the last years. In the past people used to cook at home but today the busy pace of everyday life makes us eat anything to take away and without timetables.  This also happens with our children so most kids eat too much sugar, much salt, too much saturated fat (animal protein), pre-cooked meals and very few fruits, vegetables, whole grains and vegetable protein.


Bioenergetics Unit at SHA

 What’s the Bioenergetics Unit? Bioenergy is a bridge between medicines because it’s based in the knowledge of the oriental medicine using the technology and tools of the western medicine to work in the magnetic field.  

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