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How to Exercise Without Joining a Gym

We all know the benefits of regular exercise for the health. But we don’t always have time enough, a flexible timetable or simply the budget necessary to join a gym. That’s why today we suggest how to exercise without joining a gym. From your own place or outdoors. You can choose the modality that better suits your needs. There are some many options, as training on your own has lots of

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If you don’t like sports… dance!

If you don’t like going to the gym nor doing exercise you are not the only one, don’t worry, many people are in the same situation. If you are at the gym suffering and looking at the time every 5 minutes, definitively it is not your passion. Thankfully there are some alternatives to exercise… and dancing is one of them! Learning a new dancing style will be a challenge and as long as you see your progresses, it will motivate you.  The easiest

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4 Yoga poses that will improve your health

The end of the year is coming and we feel exhausted. It is the point when we start thinking what might relax us and how to connect with our interior. It is well known that Yoga is a good physical and mental exercise to achieve well-being in all aspects. Yoga in all its varieties is the union between physical & mental. Since the year is almost over you surely need some extra energy and connection with yourself to be able to

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Fitness: Exercises for firmer arms

Get firmer arms with this workout routine Just like the diet, exercise is essential for a healthy balance between our body and our organism; so today, we show you a workout routine for getting firmed and shaped arms, so you could get a healthier figure. Workout routine: Exercise 1 – Exercise for biceps and forearm Stepping the rubber, pull it until the arm is flexed in an 90º angle. It is very important

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Get fit with the summer outdoor sports

Health: The most refreshing sports for your summer holidays Increasingly, sport has become an essential part of our lives and summer is the perfect time to practice and try some outdoor sports that will help us to get fit in the most refreshing way. Stay tunned to our summer outdoor sports list for this holiday and enjoy taking care of your health! Swimming One of the most popular sports in the world, will help you

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    Back pain is a symptom everybody sometimes has had due to bad positions while sleeping, seat, lift weight ore ven walking. It can increases if we have a sedentary life or if we spend excessive hours in front of the computer.