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Foods to detox the liver

The liver is an organ that performs many crucial functions in the body, that’s why, it’s important to take care of it. It’s a detoxifying organ that helps the body get rid of toxins and harmful substances. Whilst the liver carries out the task of removing toxic waste on a daily basis, it’s also important to assist this process through the food we ingest. For those who don’t lead a

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Post-Holiday Detox Teas

Even though Christmas isn’t entirely over, the most important days of Christmas have passed. You’re most probably feeling like your body needs a rest from all the feasting and could use a detox. During these next few days, take advantage to cleanse your body and get back into your healthy routine. Aside from getting back into a healthier diet, you can also cleanse your organism by drinking herbal teas. Herbal

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Post Summer Detox Guide

Now that the holidays are over, or coming to an end, it’s time to get back into our healthy routine and feel our best again. After the holidays, when you’ve probably let yourself go and haven’t stuck to your healthy habits, it can get hard to get back into it, especially, if you’re also suffering the post-holiday blues. But let’s turn our attitude around and have excitement and enthusiasm to

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Summer Detox: Stay fit for the summer

Summer is in full swing and you’re probably already wearing shorts, dresses, skirts, tops, and most importantly, beachwear! We all want to be beach ready and feel the best in our skin in this time of year. We’ve got you sorted and have come up with the perfect summer plan for you to stay fit for the summer. Go Green In summer, we lose a lot of fluids with the increasing temperatures and

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How to remove toxins from the body?

Unfortunately our bodies accumulate a lot of toxins every day. These toxins come mainly from the food we eat, but also from pollution or unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking. Stress or lack of sleep and rest also prevent hover “good” hormones without which the body retains toxins that make you feel tired, sad, or can make you develop serious diseases in the future. The body has some tools to

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Detox Smoothie Recipe: Strawberries and Chlorella Seaweed

Now that the strawberry season started, it’s the right time to experiment new healthy smoothie recipes for breakfast or as afternoon snack. The detox smoothie recipe we have today is also enriched with Chlorella seaweed, a perfect combination to start the morning (or end the day) full of energy.


Chlorella Seaweed

There are more and more studies which demonstrate that people that live in those areas where seaweed are usually eaten live longer and healthier. Among all seaweed types, chlorella is famous for its high nutritional and detoxifying values. It’s also the plant with the highest content of chlorophyll in the planet.


Healthy recipe: Barley soup with vegetables and miso

Vegetables’ recipe: Barley soup with vegetables and miso Soups and creams are one of the most characteristic recipes in a healthy and balanced diet; so today, we show you how to prepare a delicious recipe  in wich vegetables are the real stars. Do not miss the delicious barley soup with vegetables and miso from the SHAMADI‘s restaurant at SHA Wellness Clinic. Barley soup with vegetables and miso SHA Wellness Clinic   Ingredients for the soup:

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Healthy recipe: Zucchini cream with peas

Delicious vegetables recipe: Zucchini cream with peas Creams are always one of the most appetizing dishes for enjoying in summer; so today, we show you how to prepare a healthy vegetables cream with zucchini and peas to make your summer meals as healthy as possible. Zucchini cream with peas SHA Wellness Clinic   Ingredients for the cream: 2 Onions: This vegetable stands out for its diuretic properties and for controlling heart problems such as hypertension. 4 Zucchinis: One of the most recommended

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Drinking quality water: The new water that ionizes

Water that ionizes at SHA Wellness Clinic Water, main source of life and health, composes the 75% of our body becoming a key for the development of our organism and our life in a healthy way; that is why at SHA Wellness Clinic, we take care and promote the use of quality water. Image via:   3 features of SHA water: Alkalinity: SHA water contributes substantially to alkalize the organism, favouring a healthier

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