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Original Christmas decorations: surprise with handmade ornaments

If you have read our interview with Pablo Montoro a few weeks ago you will already know that you can create healthy menus for these holidays without sacrificing health or the palate. However, if you are one of those who prefer not to cook and celebrate special dates away from home, you can always come to SHA to enjoy the delicious and healthy menus we have prepared for Christmas.

But for those who decide to stay at home, we would also like to share with you some easy and inspiring ideas we have found in Pinterest so you can have a nice Christmas decorations being environmentally friendly. For example, Handimania gives us great ideas such as this one: make a candle from a tangerine peel and olive oil.

Candle with tangerine peel and olive oil

What a holiday would be without candle decoration? They will become more special  if we add small tree twigs…

Christmas decoration: original candles

They also encourage us to make a Christmas tree with our favorite books and a few lights… Beautiful, isn’t it?

Christmas decoration: a xmas tree made with books

But if you prefer to have a more traditional tree, you can always decorate it with handmade balls by using some balloons, string and a little bit of glue.

Christmas decoration: balls with ripe

What about you? Are you decorating your home with handmade things these Christmas?


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