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New fertility treatment: ‘Fertility Success’

One of the news for the 2013 in SHA Wellness Clinic is the launch of the new Fertility Success Program. We have joined up with the prestigious Reproduction Unit of the Clínica Vistahermosapioneer in reproductive and fertility treatments, with over 20 years of experience, to launch this revolutionary program in which the best professionals are working together to obtain the highest fertility success rate in the world.

We introduce our fertility treatment: fertility success

What we want is to pool their assisted reproduction techniques along with our knowledge of the oriental techniques and treatments taht are more effective in fertility so that we can offer the first traditional and holistic program with the goal of achieving the highest success ratio of  fertility in ova donation.

Doctor López Gálvez, head of the RU at Clínica Vistahermosa Hospital, states that “it is intended to unite certain traditional Chinese Medicine procedures, including the right type of personalised diet, relaxation techniques, physical and emotional preparation and acupuncture sessions in order to improve the blood flow in the genital areas and create the right environment so that the reproduction methods are indeed successful”.

Alejandro Bataller, Vice-president of Sales & Marketing at SHA Wellness Clinic, insists that “natural therapy like acupuncture helps reduce stress that can sometimes be the cause of infertility, which in turn and as many studies have shown, can then negatively effect the woman’s chances of conceiving. A programme of this kind, that combines the best of Western and Eastern know-how, is of vital importance to society because it is aimed at obtaining  the highest fertility success rate possible”.

Our fertility treatment increases your possibilites to have children

The Fertility Success program, thanks to an alliance between two of the sector’s leading institutions, is divided up into two stages: the first is based on evaluating and preparing the patient; this involves carrying out all the general medical, genetic and gynecological studies, tests and assessments to then determine the current condition of the patient.  In turn, the patient will go to SHA Wellness Clinic to enhance their lifestyle and nutrition that in turn, helps improve their own personal state of health. This is achieved just by following an appropriate diet, practising relaxation techniques, preparing themselves both physically and emotionally, using natural therapy or acupuncture sessions, among other things, in superb surroundings that favour complete relaxation and rest. In addition to this, patients are given health plans to follow at home for a two month period between the two stages of the program. This all paves the way for a successful outcome.

The second stage of the program, which starts approximately two months afterwards, is organised by the Reproduction Unit of the Clínica Vistahermosa Hospital according to when the oocytes can be retrieved from the donor and the embryos can be transferred to the recipient. The patient has another physical and gynecological examination to see how they are progressing after the first stage of the treatment and the first health plan established by SHA before they go onto the second stage of the treatment. During this stage, patients will take part in yoga classes, have acupuncture, practise specific relaxation and breathing techniques, have Hydro-aromatherapy, Mud therapy and Hydrojet sessions, genetic testing, healthy cooking classes and much more… to prepare themselves for the fertility program.

The embryo transfer is carried out in this second stage of the treatment at the Reproduction Unit and the second personalised health plan is drawn up for the patient after their stay.

Who can undergo this ovum donor program?

In principle, the program is suitable for anyone who is willing to undergo assisted reproduction therapy and it is particularly recommendable for those considering ovum donor programs or for cases when other previous assisted reproduction methods have failed. With this revolutionary program we seek to improve the 25% of cases of infertility of unknown cause (caused by inadequate nutrition, stress, obesity, etc.). This system is primarily aimed at women of 50 years (age recommended by the Spanish Society of Fertility) who have not been successful in other  fertility programs.

What percentage of success is expected from this fertility treatment?

Currently the rate of fertility success treatments is between 60% success rate for a procedure, and if repeated, would hover around 80%. In applying these complementary holistic techniques, we could be looking at 90%, according to Dr. Galvez. These fertility treatments not only provide improved success rates, but even transform patient habits, improving their overall health.

The safety of all the procedures included in the treatment is guaranteed because the Reproduction Unit is the only one of its kind that is centralised within an actual hospital, that is, Clínica Vistahermosa Hospital.

If you or a family member or friend is interested in our innovative fertility success program, our medical professionals will be on hand to advise, guide and resolve any doubts. You can view the complete fertility program on our website.


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