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Kukicha tea benefits

Health benefits of kukicha tea

What is Kukicha?

Kukicha is a Japanese tea made from the twigs and stems of the same plant that black tea and green tea come from.

Kukicha, also known as twig tea or 3 year tea, is aged after harvest and roasted. Kukicha tea is also known as three years tea because the stems and branches that are used to do it have been in the tea plant for at least three years, so they have lost virtually all of the caffeine (only kukicha tea is between 0.5 and 1% caffeine) but, however, have absorbed all the multiple properties and vitamins of nature around them.

Kukicha tea has a unique flavor. It tastes sweet, creamy and slightly nutty. Really nice for every time!

kukicha twig tea benefits

What are the health benefits of kukicha?

Kukicha tea has all the benefits and properties of green tea and its many antioxidants but not containing theine.

  • It is a  really alkalizing drink
  • Neutralizes the acidity and tannins contribute to proper digestion of grains and vegetables, enhancing its benefits and vitamins
  • It is very rich in vitamins and minerals
  • It has a high calcium content: a cup of tea kukicha contains up to 13 times more calcium than a glass of milk
Recommendations to take kukicha tea

Kukicha tea can be taken hot or cold and is especially recommendable for breakfast, as it brings a lot of energy and vitality in a healthy and natural way. It can also be taken as a digestive after meals.

The main advantage tea kukicha has is that, having virtually no caffeine, it can be taken any time of day, even after dinner, without running the risk of lose sleep.

Where to buy kukicha tea?

Kukicha tea can be found in many shops of organic products. If you want to buy it quickly, easily and securely you can do so through the SHA online boutique at this link.

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  • Finally I’ve found a palatible beverage that is natually beneficial! I came across Choice Twig Kukicha on a grocery mark-down table and was intrigued by the ‘cleansing’ factors. I’ve been enjoying it as my early morning beverage…before sharing a coffee with my hubby…and find it totally enjoyable. Win-win! I’m going back for more and will try different brands for comparision. Bottom line is I’m grateful to have found a tea soflavorful, caffine free and enjoyable.

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