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Top Therapists at SHA: Karen Himlok, Paco Avilés, Larry Fujimoto and John Tsagaris

Hi all!

Today we would like to introduce you to four top therapists that are coming to SHA in the next months to transfer their knowledge and do some treatments of their specialities. In SHA Wellness Clinic we like to always work with the best professionals and collaborate with the best international therapists  to learn from them and continue improving, looking for the benefit of the health and wellness of our guests. Therefore, in the coming months we are receiving four recognized therapists: Karen Himlok, Paco Avilés, Larry Fujimoto and John Tsagaris.

Famous therapists: Karen Himlok, Paco Avilés, Larry Fujimoto and John Tsagaris From January 16th to middle of February we are honored to welcome Karen Himlok, a recognized specialist in homeopathy and natural therapies that have worked in such prestigious centers as Chiva Som in Thailand. Karen has worked with some of the best therapists in the world and has learned to create the ideal environment for self-healing from their therapies.

Their efforts to work with people with chronic illnesses of all backgrounds led to the research and continuous discovery of the true healing potential we all have. With over eight years of experience and fitting perfectly with the SHA philosophy, Karen combines oriental diagnosis and therapeutic techniques with some characteristics of western medicine to treat the individual needs of their guests as they are able to see through their physical and mental challenges and maintain the state of wellness.

In addition, a few months ago and we introduced you to Paco Aviles, expert in comprehensive and therapeutic massage who has created his own art from the combination of deep tissue massage with a technique called Neuro-Structural Body Work. Well, Paco Aviles will be with us from February 26th to March 20th so that our guests can enjoy their massages. This time, Paco will be accompanied by his teacher, Larry T. Fujimoto, one of the world’s most prestigious acupuncturists and expert on natural healing therapies and remedies from traditional oriental medicine. In fact, Professor Larry T. Fujimoto teaches about Oriental Medicine at Samra University, but his passion is still healing and caring of people with their own hands.

And finally, also revisits SHA John Tsagaris, one of the most famous doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in both the UK and the rest of the world. John Tsagaris, who created various anti-aging treatments to maximize the body’s natural responses and optimize the beauty and wellness, will be with us for a week, from 23rd to 30th March.

If you would like to enjoy a treatment with one of the world’s most prestigious therapists, please contact us via mail or phone +34 96 681 11 99.


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