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Healthy Recipes: Smoked Mint Grilled Vegetables with dried fruits puree and grated truffle

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday!

Today we would like to share with you a new healthy recipe. A few weeks ago we told you how to cook a Quinoa Salad quickly and easily. Well, today we want you to try to do something more elaborate recipe to give your table a gourmet touch without sacrificing healthy nutrition: Grilled vegetables with mint smoked mashed nuts and grated truffle. Sounds appetizing, does it?

Healthy meals: grilled vegetables recipe

It is one of the most famous an healthiest dishes of our chef Pablo Montoro and will need the following ingredients to prepare it:

For the grill:

  • zucchini 10 g.
  •  red pepper 5 g.
  • green pepper 5 g.
  • yellow pepper 5 g.
  • cob 10 g.
  • spring garlic 10 g.
  • leek 10 g.
  • turnip 10 g
  • fennel 10 g.
  • sugar peas 20 g-
  • carrot 10 g.

For the dried fruits puree:

  • chorizo ​​peppers 300g.
  • mixed nuts 500g.
  •  Carrot 200 gr.
  • Onion 200 gr.
  •  Water c / s

For the accompaniment:

  • Truffle 50 gr.
  • Mint dust  3 gr

The steps of this healthy recipe are:

1. For the grill: Cut vegetables in halfs previously escalded (leek, turnip, carrot, mangetout, fennel, spring baby garlic), and mark on the griddle.

2. For the mashed nuts: the vegetables are sautéed with chorizo ​​pepper. Then, add the mixed nuts and sauté a little wet with water considering that it has to be rather dry, because then they will be smashed until it is a thick puree.

3. For grated truffle: Finely chop the truffle oil and moisten to be conserved.

4. Finishing and presentation of the dish: Place the vegetables in the center of the plate making a round pyramid, add the grated truffle and the smoked nuts purée and smoke with the mint dust if you have the appropriate tool. If not, sprinkle the smint dust.

Healthy meals with our recipes: grilled vegetables

What do you think about it? Obviously, the amounts and ingredients of the recipe are very specific because this is the way we cook it in Shamadi Restaurant. However, at home you can try different vegetables according to your tastes.

Do you like this recipe? Are you trying to cook it at home?


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