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Healthy Recipes: Miso soup

Miso soup recipe 

In this post we explain the multiple properties and health benefits of miso and we recommend taking a miso soup a day, ideally at breakfast, to provide vitamins, minerals and energy required to start the day. Therefore, we also would like to share our miso soup recipe. 

What is miso soup?
The miso soup is one of the most complete and healthy foods in the world
Usually made ​​from vegetables and seaweed and miso as seasoning is added to increase its nutritional properties. This is a recommended healthy recipe to take in the morning during breakfast.
healthy recipe for miso soup
How to prepare miso soup?

Miso soup is a healthy and easy recipe that is prepared like any other single vegetable soup, just before serving, a tablespoon of miso type we choose is added and dissolved in the dish. Thus, you can prepare a large quantity of vegetable soup and serve in several days, adding miso every day before serving.

Special recipe for miso soup

This is only one of many miso soup recipes you can prepare and we especially like for its pleasant taste and high vitamin and energy intake. The miso soup is one of the best natural medicines in the world. 

  •      1 onion
  •      1 carrot
  •      50 grams of lotus root
  •      50 grams of mugi miso (barley miso)
  •      10 grams of wakame seaweed
  •      Soak lotus root and soaked wakame seaweed for 5 minutes and then do very thin strips with scissors.
  •      Cut the onion into thin half moons and carrot into thin strips.
  •      Put the onion and wakame seaweed with a pint of water in a pot until boiling. When the water is boiling, lower the heat and cook for 5 minutes. Add the remaining vegetables and cook another 10 minutes. When you are ready vegetable soup, add a teaspoon of miso per person and stir before serving.

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