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Healthy recipe: Barley soup with vegetables and miso

Vegetables’ recipe: Barley soup with vegetables and miso

Soups and creams are one of the most characteristic recipes in a healthy and balanced diet; so today, we show you how to prepare a delicious recipe  in wich vegetables are the real stars. Do not miss the delicious barley soup with vegetables and miso from the SHAMADI‘s restaurant at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Vegetables recipe: Barley soup with vegetables and miso SHA Wellness Clinic
Barley soup with vegetables and miso SHA Wellness Clinic


Ingredients for the soup:
  •  100 gr of Barley: This kind of cereal is well known for its large amount of properties such as the regulation of cholesterol, the protection of nervous system and for combating anxiety.
  • 350 gr of Fennel: A great healthy choice thanks to its diuretic properties and for facilitating the digestion process.
  • 50 gr of Zucchini: It is one of the most moisturizing vegetables.
  • 50 gr of Red Sweet Potato: It is well known for its great anti-cancer properties and for stabilizing the blood glucose levels.
  • 2 gr of Mirim: This class of asian sauce is characteristic for its amber colour and for its sweet flavour.
  • 4 gr of Tamari: This sauce made from soy, stands out for improving the functioning of the digestive system and for promoting the absorption of nutrients easily.
  • 20 gr of Miso: Helps in the regeneration of intestinal flora and in the prevention of hypertensioncreating a great level of energy and vitality
  • 400 ml of Vegetables Broth: Joining the properties of a large variety of vegetables, this kind of broth is a great ally to complement any healthy diet.


Preparation of the recipe:
  1. Soak the barley the night before.
  2. After soaking the barley for one night, boil it with the vegetables broth and in the last 15 minutes, add the vegetables as garnish cutted into small dices.
  3. Add the miso, the mirim and the tamari.
  4. Plate it and serve it.


Enjoy cooking and tasting this delicious recipe with vegetables, barley and miso and include this healthy dish in your regular diet for getting the greatest benefits. You will not regret!


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