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Healthy nutrition: Marinated whitefish with caramelized onions and lamb’s lettuce

Healthy meal: Marinated whitefish

For today´s post we are showing how to prepare a healthy fish recipe. The sesame oil, umeboshi vinegar and mustard give it a peculiar nice touch.

As usual, this recipe is full of ingredients which are proven to prevent diseases and improve our health.

Receta de pescado saludable


White fish is rich in omega 3 and 6

White fish is a very good source of omega 3 and 6, these fatty acids have hearth protecting properties, and studies have shown that people that consume fish regularly have less likelihood of developing coronary disease. 

Benefits of sesame

In scientific studies sesame have shown the ability to reduce blood sugar levels , thereby decreasing the possibilities of developing diabetes. This benefits only take place if sesame if consume regularly, one of the best ways of doing so it is to take sesame in the form of sesame oil.

  • Whitefish  600gr
  • Tamari  100ml
  • Water  200ml
  • Roasted sesame oil
  • Dried onions  600gr
  • Canons  200gr
  • Apple juice 50ml
  • Shiro Miso  20gr
  • Vinegar umeboshi  15ml
  • Mustard  25gr



1-Marinate the fish together with the given ingredients for one hour.2-Wrap it with foil paper and cook in an oven for 4 minutes with some marinade.3-Peel the onions and proceed to sauté them in a pan on low heat until caramelized.4-Put together all vinaigrette ingredients and shake with a long wooden stick.5-Place a line of onion on a plate and place the fish on top, add the salad on the side and dress with the vinaigrette.


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