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Facial rejuvenation without surgery: Thermage CPT

How to rejuvenate your skin with laser

Is your skin wrinkled and aged and do not know how to remedy it? With the style of life we ​​live today and the multitude of external agents to which we submit (sun, pollution, snuff, stress…), it is normal that from 35-40 years we notice that our skin is not so young and smooth as we would like. So today we’d like to talk about the beauty treatment Thermage CPT, a safe and clinically proven way to firm and give contour to the skin, achieving improvements in tone, contour and texture without surgery through the stimulation of your own collagen without going through surgery or put anesthesia…

good results Thermage

The third generation laser Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) employs a patented radiofrequency (RF) tecnhology heated with absolute certainty that the deeper skin layers is controlled by a cooling system on the surface, which stimulates collagen and promotes existing growth of new collagen to give a more youthful appearance to the skin, getting very good results. Moreover, this new treatment does not break the skin or introduce any substance into the body because it is the skin itself which is building its own collagen in reaction to the effect of laser. All terminals are single use and are different depending on the body area to be treated.

Dr. Maria Dolores Anton, specialist in medical aesthetics, says: “Thermage is a laser designed for all who want their body to look younger and do not want to suffer a postoperative, allowing the immediate return to normal life after its realization because it leaves no marks or bruises”.Normally this procedure for rejuvenation by radiofrequency is performed in a single session that can last from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the area being treated because although it is used especially for facial rejuvenation, Thermage CPT is also  suitable for the wrinkled skin and flabby belly, knees, legs, arms, hands and and it is especially effective to rejuvenate the neck and neckline. In addition, many men are particularly interested in the rejuvenation of jowls and eyelids.Thermage is a laser compatible with other aesthetic treatments and it requires no surgery neither injections. Improvements are immediately visible and continue up to six months, even if 100% of the result obtained past 12 months. It can be repeated the following year to improve the results or wait three years for keeping them.
Would you like to try it?
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“Facial rejuvenation without surgery: Thermage CPT”
  • Good Morning,

    Please can you provide me with the cost of your Thermage CPT treatment and advise how many treatments are usually required to achieve the full benefit from this treatment.

    Kind Regards


  • Thanks for your comment!
    The cost of treatment is 3.000€ for one area.
    It can be repeated once a year and the benefits are usually achieved after 12 weeks.
    If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to ask!
    SHA team

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