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Exercises to burn fat fast

One of the most frequent questions we receive, especially in these days before summer, is how we can burn fat fast and effectively.

Our philosophy is to maintain a healthy diet and practice daily exercise that allows us to not only burn calories but also to maintain long-term our health and physical condition, avoiding sudden changes in our body. However, our personal trainers have some tips for those people who need to burn fat quickly, thanks to some fatburn exercises that are known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

HIIT high intensity interval training
High Intensity Interval Training is a functional training based on generating an “oxygen debt“, alternating series of exercises that require your full effort with series of  lower intensity to get to burn fat faster.

When we train the best of our ability, our bodies can not send enough oxygen to the muscles, which generates an oxygen debt, which is what makes us to pant and feel exhausted. This oxygen debt causes that during recovery series, we have to breathe faster and faster to catch our breath, and this makes us burn calories faster, so it’s a good way to lose fat. In fact, the fatburn effect can last even after working hours, by what is known as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

The HIIT exercises as strategic cardio consist of making some kind of effort for a few seconds the best of our ability, interspersed with recovery times. Examples of this type of  High Intensity Interval Training exercises would be:

– Running: Do sprints of 30 seconds at maximum speed we can, alternating with several minutes of walking.

– Skipping: periods of 30 seconds as fast as we interspersed with several minutes leisurely speed.

– Cycling, rowing, swimming…: as in the running, sprints intersperses with slowly periods for recovery. Any power exercise can serve as HIIT if we adapt it. Moreover, it is great that almost none of these sports need additional material or specific places to do them.

And best of all? That with only 20 minutes doing this type of fatburn workout we get to burn more fat that with an hour of normal exercise.

Are you going to try it?

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