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  What’s  Global Wellness Day?   The Global Wellness Day is a social project created in 2012 in Turkey as the “first” day dedicated to living well and, due to its great success, it has been accepted worldwide to be celebrated the second Saturday of June each year. On 2015 is celebrated today,  June 13th in more than 50 countries.



  Balance, strength, flexibility, confidence, energy. These are some of the many benefits of yoga  for the health. That’s why nowadays there are more and more people who incorporate it into their lifes, and while it seems to be popular in recent years, this discipline has actually been practiced in India since ancient times.



Twelve missed calls, seven Whatsapp messages and three mentions on Twitter. This is a common situation when we forget our cell phone for one day at home. We  carry a mini computer everywhere that is continuosly sending signals and invites us to be connected, located and with many more relationships than we really want/need. We have lost some isolation capacity and sometimes disconnecting may seem scary.


What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia: Causes and Symptoms   Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome is a heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by muscle pain and fatigue, with a subsequent impact on the mood of the patient.


What is sleep apnoea?

Sleep apnoea: causes and symtoms The term apnea (apnea during sleep) comes from the Greek (a-pnoe) and means “sleep without breath”.


Stress addiction

Executives’ stress addiction is nowadays widespread There are more and more cases of Burnout, extremely stressful professional situations that cause an excessive tiredness, an inability to rest and relax, a strong and permanent difficulty for sleeping. Memory faults and concentrations and focus difficulties also appear.


Recover from the holidays

No matter if it’s Easter, Christmas or Summer Holidays but once we have some free days, we loose our routine and most of times  the healthy habits we already had. A poor and careless diet, the excess of food or alcohol, a messy sleeping or the exposure to sun can take its toll on and make the recover from holidays even harder.


Yoga for pregnant women

Oh my goodness! I think it’s the right expression for what I felt when I knew I was pregnant. Life is a continuous act of creativity with a million things going on every second. Isn’t it great? Being pregnant is a beautiful act of creativity. It means to be immersed in a creation act where the baby and the mother are part of a team that makes a wonderful journey

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Women and stress

Women have a crucial role on education and society on a general way. Women are the ones who bring up men. What I mean is that women bring up sons as well as they bring up girls (future women).


Breathing exercises to control your mind

Control you mind through breathing Close your eyes and don’t let frenetic thoughts and senses in. Seat down quietly, with your spine straight. Start cutting the invisible cords that bind you to this heavy body by concentrating on your breathing slowly, free yourself of your burden and feel the infinite in your conscience. Neither space nor time are already present in this state; stillness and joy fill every space.