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How to fight fear of flying

Despite of being the safest mean of transport nowadays, there are still many people who suffer terrible stress to the fact of flying the skies on a plane. It’s sometimes due to fears and others due to health side effects that a flight may cause. From SHA magazine we’d like to help those people to fight fear of flying.   Where does this fear come from? In most cases it comes from the

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Causes and recommendations for insomnia

Resting is a key to face the day with energy and security, but bad habits, stress and other facts sometimes make sleep an agony for many people. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that impedes someone to sleep enough time to feel rest and active the next day. It doesn’t just affect at night. It’s during the next day when we face the consequences as the concentration difficulty, irritability… the amount of sleep varies depending

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Do you know Bikram Yoga?

Bikram yoga is a type of yoga with a similar history than the Pilates method as both systems have created a new technique that provides many benefits to millions of people around the world. Bikram Choudhury, from a serious injury, decided to create his own system of 26 postures that completely rehabilitated him. It’s about a system that combines Eastern and Western medicines. A training programme that lasts 90 minutes and combines 26

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The effects of weather on mood

Numerous studies have shown that our surrounding climate can greatly affect our bodies, both physical and metal. Mild weather, for example, is believed to not only improve one’s mood but also one’s health.


Meditation exercises to stop smoking

Daily routine and responsibilities leave us very little time for ourselves. Little by little we are filling ourselves with stress (both physical and mental) to which we seek exit routes, that eventually become behaviors, many times mechanical behaviors, which are harmful for us in the long term. When we make things automatically, there isn’t almost awareness of the act itself. The practice of mindfulness or meditation is a health tool and our mechanical actions are

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Shinrin-yoku: the new medicine of the forest

Walking through the forest, enjoying the colors and shapes of trees, hearing the birds songs, smelling the plants aromas, feeling the textures of nature, and opening the five senses. This is the healing method of “shinrin-yoku”, the new forest theraphy.


Bioenergetics Unit at SHA

 What’s the Bioenergetics Unit? Bioenergy is a bridge between medicines because it’s based in the knowledge of the oriental medicine using the technology and tools of the western medicine to work in the magnetic field.  


5 Homemade Natural air fresheners

There is not better feeling than coming home and smell a pleasant aroma. Nowadays it’s very usual to find chemical air fresheners in every store. However this type of products contains ingredients that can be harmful for the health. That’s why we want to present some homemade natural air fresheners. They are easy to prepare and will decorate your home without causing environmental or health problems.   



  Back pain is a symptom everybody sometimes has suffered due to bad positions while sleeping, seating, lifting weight ore even walking. It can increase if we have a sedentary life or if we spend excessive hours in front of the computer. In order to solve this problem and relieve pains we present 7 simple strengthening and stretching exercises to relieve back pain that can be practiced at home in less than

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How to overcome the lack of energy?

  Do you feel tired and don’t feel like doing anything? If you struggle to feel awake with a mug of coffee, feel constantly weak, without the necessary mood to face mornings… If nothing excites you, you are probably suffering a lack of energy. We present some of the most popular causes and some tips that will help you to feel well again.

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