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Hatha Yoga vs. Bikram Yoga

It’s not the first time we talk about the different types of Yoga, asanas and poses, like this post about antigravity yoga. But Today we wanted to show the differences between these two yoga modalities: Hatha Yoga vs. Bikram Yoga, as they are the most practiced yoga modalities around the World. Find out their benefits and routines and choose the one that better suits your needs.


Fitness Program at SHA

When we choose a Fitness Program we have to bear in mind that we are choosing one of the most powerful anti-aging programs ever. The “Fitness way of life” is the one which has more long-term benefits. Not only the fact of practising sports, but all that being in shape means: healthy eating and according to efficiency, regenerative and deep rest, stress control, self confidence, stimulation and release of many

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How to Exercise Without Joining a Gym

We all know the benefits of regular exercise for the health. But we don’t always have time enough, a flexible timetable or simply the budget necessary to join a gym. That’s why today we suggest how to exercise without joining a gym. From your own place or outdoors. You can choose the modality that better suits your needs. There are some many options, as training on your own has lots of

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Fitness Mentality. With Fernando Sartorius

Every year have new intentions to improve our lives, in this case the challenge that we offer you for 2015 is a new  Fitness Mentality. Since this challenge is not easy, the personal trainer Fernando Sartorius will help us with some basic tips in order we can fulfill our intentions:  


Recommended sports to relieve common pains

Depending on the injuries our body suffers, we often don’t know if it’s correct to play sports or not, and in such case, which sports are suitable. Firstly, you must bear in mind that the majority of the pains or lesions are derived from sedentarism. Anywell practised physical activity  is preventive. At the same time, the incorrect practice of sports can derive in injuries or bad technique. Before leaving sports, the best thing is to consult with an expert who will analyze

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If you don’t like sports… dance!

If you don’t like going to the gym nor doing exercise you are not the only one, don’t worry, many people are in the same situation. If you are at the gym suffering and looking at the time every 5 minutes, definitively it is not your passion. Thankfully there are some alternatives to exercise… and dancing is one of them! Learning a new dancing style will be a challenge and as long as you see your progresses, it will motivate you.  The easiest

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What to have before, during and after exercise

Thinking what to have before, during and after exercise is as important as the activity itself. Water is for sure the best source of hydration, but sometimes is not enough. That’s why we asked some of our experts: Teresa Mizón, Health and Nutrition Counselor, Dr. Juan Rubio and our Chef, all of them working at SHA Wellness Clinic, who elaborated this recipes, specially recommended to follow before, during and after exercise.

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Interview to Fernando Sartorius

We interview Fernando Sartorius in Madrid on his way to SHA Wellness Clinic, where he will be our  visiting master from 2nd to 6th de December offering private sessions as Personal Trainer and talks about fitness, health…  He is currently one of the most important Personal Trainers and although he’s Spanish, he found on California his own paradise.  There he trains world famous celebrities. He worked as personal trainer at the most famous gym in the

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10 Benefits of Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking. Do you know exactly what it is? Surely you’ve heard about Nordic Walking, but you do not know exactly what it means, where it began, who practice this sport, its benefits, etc… Prepare yourself to know not only the main feautures of this trendy sportm but also the benefits and the most important tips about it. The Nordic Walking is an outdoors exercise that consists in walking with walking sticks. The origin of the Nordic Walking

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Did you hear about antigravity Yoga?

Antigravity Yoga: something completely new and original You have surely heard about antigravity yoga but probably you don’t know exactly what it is. Antigravity yoga is a new technique which is just starting in Spain.  We prepared this post for you to get to know it, and if you like the idea, try it! It is certainly something new and different… It’s the mix of aerial yoga, acrobatics and pilates. It is a fun and alternative approach to fitness training. The antigravity

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