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HIIT Training

The results obtained in the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2015 left  HIIT training or high intensity interval training in the first position.  Classified as HIIT, HIT, HIIE, SIT o RST, they all share the common characteristic of being repeating efforts programs, performed at high intensities and interspersed with periods of incomplete recovery.   What is HIIT training?   The HIIT workouts are programs that improve the cardiovascular system and have

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New trends in Fitness: Fun Exercising

Most of us start the school year with great purposes and intentions of getting fit. We visualize us going to the gym every day, running marathons at the end of the year and showing a great abdomen. Many people achieve this, but some are involved in a daily grind of work, family… And exercise routine is lagging behind in the background.


BodyArt: training that releases stress

Nowadays people use to spend much of their time working out in the gym in order to release the stress accumulated during the long working day. However, in order to get a good position working out is not enough, the best is to combine exercises for body and mind at the same time.


What is Yogalates?

Yogalates or Yoguilates was created in 1997 by the instructor and personal trainer Jonathan Urla (and then developed by Louise Solomon). It is an exercise technique that combines the benefits of strength training of Pilates and the flexibility of yoga in one session, which usually lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.


SHA in the Engel and Völkers Polo Cup Tournament at Majorca

 SHA Wellness Clinic participates in the exclusive Polo Cup Tournament Engel and Völkers at Majorca.   SHA Wellness Clinic, the pioneer worldwide Wellness Clinic dedicated to improving and greatly prolong the health of people through the fusion of ancient oriental disciplines and the most revolutionary oriental techniques, was present on July 31 and August 1st in one of the most unique and special summer sporting events: the 7th edition of Engel

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Plyometric Exercises

  If you are someone who has already started training but want to run faster, lift more weight or just feel better, you need a workout that combines aerobics and strength exercises. Focus on this new fitness trend: plyometric exercises. They are the secret of the best athletes to enhance their performance effectively in the shortest possible time.


The best Gadgets for the health

  For the wrist, ankle, forehead, arm… There are many types of gadgets for the health today in the market. They are diverse and very practical so you probably won’t know which one you should choose. For people who love tech as for people who don’t, these gadgets are really easy and simple to use that you will love them. Read through and decide which one suits you better, we prepared a list of

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Jukari: A new fun fitness training

Does your exercises routine bore you? Do you want to work out but are too lazy for it? There are no more excuses because new discipline to train your bod has been created and it’s impossible to get bored while practicing!



  Probably you have heard about crossfit but already don’t know what is it exactly. Crossfit is a training modality that has revolutionized the world of fitness becoming a sport trend. It’s based on 10 physical abilities recognized by sports specialists: strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, muscular resistance, cardiorespiratory resistance, agility and balance.



Spring has arrived and with it the rise of temperatures, it seems like the perfect time to renew our training. Follow these tips to make your workout more effective. Come on, move on! Renew your spring training! 

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