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12 Healthy Snacks

Whether it’s fueling up before hitting the gym or taking a midday snack break to avoid the afternoon lull,  high energy, healthy snacks are the tastiest way to keep on going. They are the perfect way to fill up and provide enough long-lasting energy to tide us over. Enjoy these 12 smart snacks to munch on at home or take on-the-go.


Pumpkin soup macrobiotic recipe

We are enjoying a particularly cold winter and flu is everywhere. Food can help us warming up and fight against typical winter diseases, as well as boosting our immune system. Today’s Pumpkin soup macrobiotic recipe is ideal for a healthy dinner and help our body against cold winter evenings.


Healthy breakfast for energetic mornings

Healthy Breakfast for all day energy Our breakfast starts at dinner time. What does it mean? Our breakfast depends on what we had for dinner the night before. Macrobiotics recommends early and light dinners so we are hungry enough when we wake up. We will also allow the organs to clean and repair themselves instead of working on the digestion.


Healthy breakfast: Whole grain oats porridge

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for the people who goes to work and will be out of home for the whole day. That’s why it must be rich in nutrients. We propose you a very healthy breakfast: whole grain oats porridge.  It is a good complement for good macrobiotic breakfast, besides being ideal for a cold winter morning.


Healthy recipe: Tofu scrambled

In SHA Wellness Clinic, we always present you nutrition ideas which try to improve your well-being in every sense, but today we want to share with you a healthy recipe that besides being healthy is very easy to prepare. Anyone, with the necessary ingredients can cook this: Tofu scrambled. After Christmas it is good to eat something healthy to detoxify the body of the excesses committed during holidays.


5 vegetarian restaurants in Spain

Who said  vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic food is bored or tasteless? It’s an erroneous myth! Creative and tasty dishes of this characteristics can be done, but surely you do not know where to find them. If you don’t know where to go, but would love to try this kind of food, this post can be a good start. These 5 vegetarian restaurants in Spain offer healthy, tasty and fresh food.  The truth is that there isn’t a great variety of places with these

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Macrobiotic Christmas Menu

Macrobiotic Christmas Menu by Chef Mel  1. Starter: Fried Soba Sushi in Broth 2. Main Course: Red Dragon Pie 3. Main Course: Stuffed Pumpkin 4. Dessert: Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream   1.Fried Soba Sushi in Broth This is a big favorite in my family. The combination of fried sushi with the clear broth has a fantastic depth of flavor, and is light yet nourishing. Ingredients: Broth 1 shitake rinsed, soaked

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Non alcoholic Christmas cocktails

If you’re planning on hosting a party, enjoying a family get together or simply having a few friends over on a Sunday afternoon, offering your guests the option of non-alcoholic Christmas cocktails is a good way to make sure that everybody can find something that they like. Here are 4 delicious wintery drinks to get everyone in the mood for the upcoming festivities. Festive Pear Delight  Ingredients 1/2 cup water ¼

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Christmas dessert: caramelized pears with cashew and lemon cream

Christmas is coming and with all the things that we have to do, the dessert is something that we set aside. We give priority to the gifts, to what we are going to cook for dinner…  The dessert is something we usually want impress with, nevertheless we leave it a little bit relegated. If you are still thinking for a Christmas dessert, here you have the solution: caramelized pears with cashews and lemon cream.

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Macrobiotic Menu for winter

We asked our Nutrition and health counselors at SHA Wellness Clinic to help us preparing a macrobiotic menu for winter addressed to all those people who chose or are thinking about choosing a diet based on macrobiotics and don’t really know where to start. As macrobiotic diet at SHA is based on a 80-20, this menu only has 6 days so that you can have day 7 “free” to eat

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