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Pasta salad healthy recipe (with smoked tofu)

Today we are sharing a pasta salad healthy recipe. A colorful salad with a fresh and natural flavor. For 4 t/6 sharings you will need the following…


Healthy Dessert Recipe

Apple crumb pie is a healthy dessert recipe that can be prepared in just an hour. It’s a classic dessert that almost everyone loves even its healthy version. Dare to try!


Macrobiotic Menu for Sporty People

More and more very successful Olympians and World class athletes are now following a plant based diet. They claim that it has not only helped but improved their performance. Their dietary choice eliminates meat and dairy, but it does not mean they are lacking in protein. A plant based diet can offer athletes all the necessary protein and carbohydrates, plus other important nutrients, without the high dose of cholesterol and

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Healthy hamburger recipe

Today’s healthy hamburger recipe is really popular among kids (and adults as well) because of the presentation. It is not complicated to prepare, the ingredients are easy to find and it’s just perfect for funny dinners.


Different ways to Sweeten without Sugar (Part II)

We already shared some different ways to sweeten without sugar last week and today we’d like to share the rest of them: Natural Unprocessed Nut butters Celery sticks with peanut butter is an old fashioned snack that has lots of nutrients and a perfect salty, sweet combination. Celery helps to keep blood sugar levels even and gives volume and crunch to the peanut butter. Or if you prefer, chose apples

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Different ways to Sweeten without Sugar (Part I)

In modern society, a natural mild sweet taste no longer exists. Foods are becoming sweeter and sweeter as more and more sugar is added to drinks, desserts, breads and most processed foods. In the 1950´s people ate an average of 5lbs of sugar per year. Today the average sugar consumption is about 158lbs per person per year. And people are drinking an average of 60 gallons of soda per year.

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Recipe – Denton fish fillets with caramelized onions

It has been long time since we don’t post a fish recipe! Today we have a an easy to prepare recipe, made by easy to find ingredients.  And it won’t take to long to be prepared. The recipe – denton fish fillets with caramelized onions– may seem very obvious to cook but it has a SHA touch. Keep on reading to find out!


12 Healthy Snacks

Whether it’s fueling up before hitting the gym or taking a midday snack break to avoid the afternoon lull,  high energy, healthy snacks are the tastiest way to keep on going. They are the perfect way to fill up and provide enough long-lasting energy to tide us over. Enjoy these 12 smart snacks to munch on at home or take on-the-go.


Pumpkin soup macrobiotic recipe

We are enjoying a particularly cold winter and flu is everywhere. Food can help us warming up and fight against typical winter diseases, as well as boosting our immune system. Today’s Pumpkin soup macrobiotic recipe is ideal for a healthy dinner and help our body against cold winter evenings.


Healthy breakfast for energetic mornings

Healthy Breakfast for all day energy Our breakfast starts at dinner time. What does it mean? Our breakfast depends on what we had for dinner the night before. Macrobiotics recommends early and light dinners so we are hungry enough when we wake up. We will also allow the organs to clean and repair themselves instead of working on the digestion.