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5 Natural Juices Recipes

Don’t you already know the Esenza by SHA natural juices? They’re a great ally for our body because they are made with fresh fruits and vegetables and provide plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. There are different types, each of them with the perfect combination of ingredients for a specific function.


Healthy recipe: Barley salad

You will love the fresh and energetic salad recipe we have today! It’s perfect for summer time and really easy to prepare. Besides, it will help you feel much better due to the digestive, detoxifying and restorative barley properties. Are you ready for this barley salad? Let’s start!


Healthy recipe: Cold beetroot soup

  We are having a sizzling summer and high temperatures affect everyone. During these days what we eat can help stabilize our body temperature, moisturize our skin and increase our energy and vitality.  That’s why we present a healthy recipe of cold beetroot soup from the book La alimentación natural y energética – Montse Bradford, which is fresh and easy to prepare. It’s a natural recipe without lactose, gluten and sugar free

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Healthy tips to fight high temperatures

Given the high temperatures we are suffering this summer it is important to protect the skin after and before sun exposure and crucial to moisturize the body from the inside, eating a balanced diet based on a healthy and natural foods because it’s the best way to ensure that our body gets all nutrients to work properly.


Healthy Recipe: Mushrooms with Tofu Sauce

Mushrooms provide several important nutrients. They are low in sodium, fat, cholesterol, and calories. It’s important though to distinguish between poisonous mushrooms and safe for consumption, specially when we collect them ourselves from the countryside.


Foods that help improve blood circulation

If you are one of those who always has cold hands and foot, usually suffers dizziness or leg swelling, probably you have bad blood circulation. In most cases these problems are related to a sedentary lifestyle or bad eating habits as diets with a lack of nutrients and fiber and low water consumption, but also to hereditary and genetic factors.


Bad breath: Causes and Foods to prevent it

  Probably you sometime had to turn to some gums or sweets to avoid bad breath in front of your friends or family. Don’t worry because bad breath, also known as halitosis, is more common than you may think. Not only is it common in the morning when the mouth is dry after resting all night, actually one out of three people suffers it during the day. We present the most frequent causes of bad

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Healthy recipe: Steamed Sweet Potato with Apples

  As we promised in our previous post about the Benefits of Sweet potatoes here it’s the recipe of this complete super food!


The benefits of Sweet Potatoes for the health

Sweet potato, also known as batatas, it’s a vegetable that belongs to the potato family. It’s highly appreciated due to it’s sweet taste and nutritional value. Nowadays it’s more and more usual to find this type of potato in different healthy recipes because it’s considered one of the basic foods of a healthy and balanced diet.



  Custard is a traditional dessert that everyone like, moreover if the recipe is made by healthy ingredients like this.  Today we present a custard dessert recipe that will help you detoxify your body thanks to the raspberries included, which are a perfect antioxidant that help neutralize free radicals. Dare to prepare this recipe, perfect for a snack or as a dessert!