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Non-surgical beauty treatments

Today I’d like to tell you about non-surgical beauty treatments for both face and body that are not aggressive for those who don’t want to have an operation. Great results can be achieved when combining these non-surgical beauty treatments. Specially if a supervised diet, some exercise and relaxation are accomplished, the body will for sure show a change, as our inner wellness is shown outside too.


Obesity treatment – a psychological approach

We live on the speed society. We constantly demand more speed and we usually feel frustrated when something slows as traffic or Internet speed. It seems as if we had been used to living in a way that we hardly question and only a few do anything about it. It seems we are on a train with no stops.


Facial exercises

Facial exercises mobilize the neck muscles and are the natural way to rejuvenate facial features.


Natural skin rejuvenation: food, home remedies and tips

Our bodies are constantly regenerated; this means we have the opportunity to improve our health. Although our cells regenerate less rapidly as long as we get older, we can significantly accelerate the process  of natural skin rejuvenation through healthy eating, taking two to three litres of water per day, exercising, getting enough sleep and refraining from actions that delay regeneration (consumption of saturated fats, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, stress and decrease

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Food that boost your immune system

Many people come to the macrobiotic consultation complaining of being always sick… maybe a cold, cough, fever, etc. “It seems I catch everything around me” they comment. Does macrobiotic have a response for these people? Can we boost our body’s defences with food?


How to take care of your skin in winter?

In winter our skin suffers: contrasts of temperaturte, heating, frosts, snow, etc. produce dehydration, sensibility, aging, tightness, etc. You must take care of your skin in winter as you do in summer, so it is very important that you can prepare it correctly for this season of the year. 10 tips to take care of your skin in winter: 1) Avoid and attack the dehydration caused by cold: choose a

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Cryotherapy treatment

What is Cryotherapy? Whole body cryotherapy, from greek Kyros-cold is a technique that involves exposure of the body to low temperatures (-110º to 190º) for a period of 1 to 3 minutes on a cryosauna cabin. Health and beauty Super-low temperatures are cutting-edge and an efficient way to trigger self-healing mechanisms. Short-time (1 to 3 minutes) cooling of the upper skin layer helps boost metabolic processes, decrease anxiety and fatigue, improve sleep and stimulate immune system. Cryotherapy involves activation of natural

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Interview to the famous osteopath Boniface Verney Carron

Visiting master at SHA from  31thOct – 9thNov. This is what he told us in his visit to our office in Madrid before going to Altea…   What does osteopathy mean for you? Ostheopathy has changed for me a bit as I have been working for ten years now. It has always been a very global and holistic approach of my patients. It is a very accurate way of screening

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Beauty: How to avoid sun spots on the skin

Health and beauty: Save your skin from the aggressions of the sun After summer, one of our main priorities is to recover all the shine and glow of the skin and get a healthy look without sun spots; that is why today we show you 3 home remedies that will help you get your skin as gorgeous as always. The use of sunscreens and moisturizers with UV suncover is essential in the prevention of sun spots on

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5 foods that will help you enhance your tan

How to keep your tan for a longer time After a well-deserved summer holidays, one of our main objectives is the maintenance of the beautiful golden skin tone that we get during them; that is why today we show you which 5 foods will help you achieving and maintaining a healthy tan. 5 foods that will boost your tan: Besides using the most appropriate sunscreen and drinking water to ensure a constant hydration of the skin, there

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