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Prepare your body for Summer

It’s time for summer dresses, shorts, miniskirts and lighter shirts. That’s why we want to share some tips that will help you prepare your body for summer before sun exposure and look unapologetic beauty on the beach, pool or during that long-awaited trip.


Vitamins and Minerals to help stop smoking

  Certain vitamins and minerals can be very helpful to quit smoking and help prevent anxiety and weight gain that usually happen when someone leaves the smoking habit. We present this list of vitamins and minerals to help stop smoking so you can learn about the nutrients they provide that are needed to counteract the damaging effects of smoking on health.


Natural Face Masks

We are nowadays too busy with work, family, bills to take care of our skin and we barely have time to go to a beauty salon. All this mixed with everyday stress makes our skin get wrinkles, blemishes or lack of brightness. That’s why we are sharing some simple and easy to prepare natural face mask recipes so you can make them at home.  We encourage you to show a perfect skin thanks to

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Capillary Transplant at SHA Wellness Clinic

What is a capillary transplant?  The aim of SHA is always to offer to guests and patients the most advanced services and treatments with the most avant-garde techniques, the most qualified professionals and an unifying approach.



Due to the decrease of the quality of the food we consume nowadays and facing an unbalanced diet with a lack of fruits and vegetables in our meals, the term “superfoods” has become a trending topic. We refer to these “new” foods with incredible properties for our health. There are many celebrities who already eat them, since it’s well known that incorporating them into a balanced diet is beneficial both

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Spring beauty care: The cleavage

After a cold winter in which we took special care of the skin, it’s now the right time to start Spring beauty care, adapted to sun and heat.


Prevention genetics at SHA Wellness Clinic

Prevention Genetics at SHA Wellness Clinic is part of a branch of preventive medicine aimed to prevent usual diseases that can be avoided or even postponed, following long-term recommendations.


Health and Beauty tips for travellers

Most of us enjoy Easter holidays abroad, to know new places and rest and most of us travel by plane. It’s a safe a comfortable way of transportation, but long flight hours can occasionally cause some damage on the organism. That’s why we’re sharing these health and beauty tips for travellers today.


Foods to help quit smoking

Smoking is known for being one of the most difficult to leave habits. Quitting smoking my cause secondary short-term effects on people who smoked for a long time. They can feel angry, irritable, more tired, too hungry and suffer insomnia. And these are precisely the reasons that push them to smoke again.


Non-surgical beauty treatments

Today I’d like to tell you about non-surgical beauty treatments for both face and body that are not aggressive for those who don’t want to have an operation. Great results can be achieved when combining these non-surgical beauty treatments. Specially if a supervised diet, some exercise and relaxation are accomplished, the body will for sure show a change, as our inner wellness is shown outside too.