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Health and Beauty tips for travellers

Most of us enjoy Easter holidays abroad, to know new places and rest and most of us travel by plane. It’s a safe a comfortable way of transportation, but long flight hours can occasionally cause some damage on the organism. That’s why we’re sharing these health and beauty tips for travellers today.


Yoga for pregnant women

Oh my goodness! I think it’s the right expression for what I felt when I knew I was pregnant. Life is a continuous act of creativity with a million things going on every second. Isn’t it great? Being pregnant is a beautiful act of creativity. It means to be immersed in a creation act where the baby and the mother are part of a team that makes a wonderful journey

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Non-surgical beauty treatments

Today I’d like to tell you about non-surgical beauty treatments for both face and body that are not aggressive for those who don’t want to have an operation. Great results can be achieved when combining these non-surgical beauty treatments. Specially if a supervised diet, some exercise and relaxation are accomplished, the body will for sure show a change, as our inner wellness is shown outside too.


Women and stress

Women have a crucial role on education and society on a general way. Women are the ones who bring up men. What I mean is that women bring up sons as well as they bring up girls (future women).


Breathing exercises to control your mind

Control you mind through breathing Close your eyes and don’t let frenetic thoughts and senses in. Seat down quietly, with your spine straight. Start cutting the invisible cords that bind you to this heavy body by concentrating on your breathing slowly, free yourself of your burden and feel the infinite in your conscience. Neither space nor time are already present in this state; stillness and joy fill every space.


Introduction to meditation

Living is an act that continuously surprises me for its greatness. However, how many times do we feel pushed by life, as if it crushed us? It’s hard sometimes to live with vitality and positivism: I think we all know that feeling. If we keep these feelings for a long time stress and anxiety will finally show up with symptoms like insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite (at every level), anxiety

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Obesity treatment – a psychological approach

We live on the speed society. We constantly demand more speed and we usually feel frustrated when something slows as traffic or Internet speed. It seems as if we had been used to living in a way that we hardly question and only a few do anything about it. It seems we are on a train with no stops.


Facial exercises

Facial exercises mobilize the neck muscles and are the natural way to rejuvenate facial features.


12 Healthy Snacks

Whether it’s fueling up before hitting the gym or taking a midday snack break to avoid the afternoon lull,  high energy, healthy snacks are the tastiest way to keep on going. They are the perfect way to fill up and provide enough long-lasting energy to tide us over. Enjoy these 12 smart snacks to munch on at home or take on-the-go.


Fitness Mentality. With Fernando Sartorius

Every year have new intentions to improve our lives, in this case the challenge that we offer you for 2015 is a new  Fitness Mentality. Since this challenge is not easy, the personal trainer Fernando Sartorius will help us with some basic tips in order we can fulfill our intentions: