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The effects of weather on mood

Numerous studies have shown that our surrounding climate can greatly affect our bodies, both physical and metal. Mild weather, for example, is believed to not only improve one’s mood but also one’s health.


What is Glaucoma?

You may have heard about it but don’t exactly know what is Glaucoma.  Glaucoma is an eye disease that takes off the vision gradually. It usually doesn’t have symptoms and can trigger a sudden  loss of vision.


Meditation exercises to stop smoking

Daily routine and responsibilities leave us very little time for ourselves. Little by little we are filling ourselves with stress (both physical and mental) to which we seek exit routes, that eventually become behaviors, many times mechanical behaviors, which are harmful for us in the long term. When we make things automatically, there isn’t almost awareness of the act itself. The practice of mindfulness or meditation is a health tool and our mechanical actions are

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Tips to live free of energy blocks

Beyond molecules and cells, there is a sea of energy that makes our body. Every molecule, every cell, every organ has its own melody and together they compose the symphony of life. But sometimes an instrument goes out of tune. It’s time then to remind it what is the note to regain the optimal health.


Tips to reduce stress during pregnancy

Although pregnancy is always a reason to be happy, it can also cause some stress. Since the worry for the baby’s health and child’s birth, the anxiety of the postpartum, work, money, advices from friends… Whatever worries you, it shouldn’t be ignored. That’s why we present  some tips to reduce stress during pregnancy. Take note!  


What is Onychophagia?

Nervousness, boredom, emotional disorders and stress are some of the causes of onychophagia. Many people experience this compulsive habit of nail biting without realizing that sometimes it can turn into a chronic disease.


BodyArt: training that releases stress

Nowadays people use to spend much of their time working out in the gym in order to release the stress accumulated during the long working day. However, in order to get a good position working out is not enough, the best is to combine exercises for body and mind at the same time.


Happiness: 13 tips to be happy

Happiness depends on you and the way you see the world. It’s born inside you, so it doesn’t rely in what others do. We all have an incredible potential to be happy, that’s why we present some simple tips to achieve happiness:


Post-holiday detox: 8 healthy tips

The schedule modifications, traveling to other countries, meetings with friends, ice creams, beers, snacks and naps after lunch, have probably left us a few extra kilos, and the feeling that we ruined the result of many months bringing a healthy lifestyle.  


Recommendations for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that progressively contributes to their deterioration, increasing the risk of fractures. It’s a disease that nowadays affects to 75 million people in Europe, usually women over 65, but it also affects older men.