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What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia: Causes and Symptoms   Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome is a heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by muscle pain and fatigue, with a subsequent impact on the mood of the patient.


What is sleep apnoea?

Sleep apnoea: causes and symtoms The term apnea (apnea during sleep) comes from the Greek (a-pnoe) and means “sleep without breath”.



Spring has arrived and with it the rise of temperatures, it seems like the perfect time to renew our training. Follow these tips to make your workout more effective. Come on, move on! Renew your spring training! 


Natural Face Masks

We are nowadays too busy with work, family, bills to take care of our skin and we barely have time to go to a beauty salon. All this mixed with everyday stress makes our skin get wrinkles, blemishes or lack of brightness. That’s why we are sharing some simple and easy to prepare natural face mask recipes so you can make them at home.  We encourage you to show a perfect skin thanks to

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Capillary Transplant at SHA Wellness Clinic

What is a capillary transplant?  The aim of SHA is always to offer to guests and patients the most advanced services and treatments with the most avant-garde techniques, the most qualified professionals and an unifying approach.


Spring beauty care: The cleavage

After a cold winter in which we took special care of the skin, it’s now the right time to start Spring beauty care, adapted to sun and heat.


Stress addiction

Executives’ stress addiction is nowadays widespread There are more and more cases of Burnout, extremely stressful professional situations that cause an excessive tiredness, an inability to rest and relax, a strong and permanent difficulty for sleeping. Memory faults and concentrations and focus difficulties also appear.


Prevention genetics at SHA Wellness Clinic

Prevention Genetics at SHA Wellness Clinic is part of a branch of preventive medicine aimed to prevent usual diseases that can be avoided or even postponed, following long-term recommendations.


Interview to Mr. Alfredo Bataller, Founder of SHA Wellness Clinic

My objective has always been  being able to share with society a treasure that I was lucky enough to know in a delicate moment of my life. Interview to Mr. Alfredo Bataller, President and Founder of SHA Wellness Clinic, to know deeply the mission, vision and values behind this brand, which has already been awarded with more than 20 International awards.


Recover from the holidays

No matter if it’s Easter, Christmas or Summer Holidays but once we have some free days, we loose our routine and most of times  the healthy habits we already had. A poor and careless diet, the excess of food or alcohol, a messy sleeping or the exposure to sun can take its toll on and make the recover from holidays even harder.