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Christmas dessert: caramelized pears with cashew and lemon cream

Christmas is coming and with all the things that we have to do, the dessert is something that we set aside. We give priority to the gifts, to what we are going to cook for dinner…  The dessert is something we usually want impress with, nevertheless we leave it a little bit relegated. If you are still thinking for a Christmas dessert, here you have the solution: caramelized pears with cashews and lemon cream.

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Macrobiotic Menu for winter

We asked our Nutrition and health counselors at SHA Wellness Clinic to help us preparing a macrobiotic menu for winter addressed to all those people who chose or are thinking about choosing a diet based on macrobiotics and don’t really know where to start. As macrobiotic diet at SHA is based on a 80-20, this menu only has 6 days so that you can have day 7 “free” to eat

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Healthy recipe: Wild seabass with braised vegetables

Today’s healthy recipe is: wild seabass on celery pureé with braised vegetables. Is there anything healthier than fish with vegetables? Ad it’s also tasty! You can find both on this healthy recipe… The myth that fish is a very complete food for the human being is completely true. The fish possesses a great dose of nutrients, few fats and few calories. It has some nutrients that helps concentration, memory and intellectual performance. It’s rich in

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Benefits of Quinoa and macrobiotic diet

What is Quinoa? Quinoa or quinoa is a pseudocereal produced from ancient times in the Andes: currently Bolivia and Peru,  world’s leading producers of Quinoa. It is also produced in countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and the United States. Quinoa belongs to the Chenopodiaceae family (like spinach) but is usually compared to cereals for its composition and the way of cooking.     How is it cooked?   Quinoa takes two parts of water or broth for

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Healthy recipe: Apple pie with Mu tea ice cream

Is there a better choice for evening afternoons than a tasty cake? Even better if besides from being delicious it’s also healthy! Share this healthy recipe: apple pie with Mu tea ice cream with your friends. Invite them to have tea and spend the evening together in front of the chimney or watching movies. It’s such a great plan! Ingredients you may need: 1 plate of puff-pastry. Golden apples and agar (for the apple compote). 270 grs. of

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4 Yoga poses that will improve your health

The end of the year is coming and we feel exhausted. It is the point when we start thinking what might relax us and how to connect with our interior. It is well known that Yoga is a good physical and mental exercise to achieve well-being in all aspects. Yoga in all its varieties is the union between physical & mental. Since the year is almost over you surely need some extra energy and connection with yourself to be able to

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Interview to Fernando Sartorius

We interview Fernando Sartorius in Madrid on his way to SHA Wellness Clinic, where he will be our  visiting master from 2nd to 6th de December offering private sessions as Personal Trainer and talks about fitness, health…  He is currently one of the most important Personal Trainers and although he’s Spanish, he found on California his own paradise.  There he trains world famous celebrities. He worked as personal trainer at the most famous gym in the

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Healthy recipe: red rice with corn, tempeh with sesame and carrot sauce.

Healthy  and easy to prepare recipe: red rice with corn, tempeh with sesame and carrot sauce We present you a healthy recipe from Shamadi’s Restaurant in SHA WELLNESS CLINIC. If you want to invite your friends for dinner, this is your opportunity to surprise them! Remember this healthy recipe, besides from being healthy is very simple in its preparation, as well as including a mix of oriental and occidental ingredients. Go ahead! You won’t regret it!   Ingredients (4

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Cryotherapy treatment

What is Cryotherapy? Whole body cryotherapy, from greek Kyros-cold is a technique that involves exposure of the body to low temperatures (-110º to 190º) for a period of 1 to 3 minutes on a cryosauna cabin. Health and beauty Super-low temperatures are cutting-edge and an efficient way to trigger self-healing mechanisms. Short-time (1 to 3 minutes) cooling of the upper skin layer helps boost metabolic processes, decrease anxiety and fatigue, improve sleep and stimulate immune system. Cryotherapy involves activation of natural

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10 Benefits of Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking. Do you know exactly what it is? Surely you’ve heard about Nordic Walking, but you do not know exactly what it means, where it began, who practice this sport, its benefits, etc… Prepare yourself to know not only the main feautures of this trendy sportm but also the benefits and the most important tips about it. The Nordic Walking is an outdoors exercise that consists in walking with walking sticks. The origin of the Nordic Walking

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