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Due to the decrease of the quality of the food we consume nowadays and facing an unbalanced diet with a lack of fruits and vegetables in our meals, the term “superfoods” has become a trending topic. We refer to these “new” foods with incredible properties for our health. There are many celebrities who already eat them, since it’s well known that incorporating them into a balanced diet is beneficial both

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SHA Food Supplements

At SHA, we understand health as an overall state of physical, mental and spiritual wellness, being in harmony with the environment, and having an ideal body weight and lots of vitality.


What is Zinc? Functions and benefits

Zinc (also called cinc) is an essential mineral for the body. It has a specific role in over 300 enzymes involved in all the important biochemical reactions in the human body. It has a straight effect on growth, neurological development and the immune system.


Detox Smoothie Recipe: Strawberries and Chlorella Seaweed

Now that the strawberry season started, it’s the right time to experiment new healthy smoothie recipes for breakfast or as afternoon snack. The detox smoothie recipe we have today is also enriched with Chlorella seaweed, a perfect combination to start the morning (or end the day) full of energy.


Cereals: Properties, Benefits and Recipes

The use of cooked wholegrain cereals is the base of a macrobiotic standar diet.


Healthy pasta recipe

Healthy pasta recipe: Spelt tagliatelis with ratatouille sauce You will love today’s healthy recipe from Shamadi Restaurant at SHA Wellness Clinic that you will love. A dish made with pasta and ratatouille, a delicious combination, great for those who want to take care of their diet without starving.


Chlorella Seaweed

There are more and more studies which demonstrate that people that live in those areas where seaweed are usually eaten live longer and healthier. Among all seaweed types, chlorella is famous for its high nutritional and detoxifying values. It’s also the plant with the highest content of chlorophyll in the planet.


Rest and diet tips for a balanced flight

We have always worried about the health and well being of our guests at SHA Wellness Clinic and now we also care about the health of the travelers. You have read right… travelers! We have extrapolated part of our knowledge to Madrid Airport and created Esenza by SHA: two healthy spaces that will help you to find an optimal state of wellness while your are traveling.  


Yin and Yang Foods

Yin and Yang terms have been used during centuries in Tibet, China, Corea, Japan and Taiwan to describe two opposite strengths and complementary at the same time, which are present on every natural phenomena.


Dietary recommendations to Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

DIETARY RECOMMENDATIONS TO HYPOTHYROIDISM Hypothyroidism: It is a common endocrine disorder in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. It can cause a number of symptoms, such as tiredness, poor ability to tolerate cold, and weight gain.