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Use of medicinal plants

Humans have been using herbs and medicinal plants to cure their ailments since ancient times. The Chinese tradition dates the use of herbal remedies around 3000. B.C. It is said that Shen Nong, “the Divine Farmer” tested hundreds of herbs to identify their therapeutic properties and taught the ancient Chinese the basics of agriculture. As in traditional Western medicine, Chinese remedies are classified according to their intrinsic characteristics and the

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10 tips to improve your life on 2015

1. Start the day with a positive thinking Something fun you are going to do in the day, someone you will meet. Search (and find) the positive side of every day despite how lazy you feel to get out of bed and get to the office. Do not count the days, make every day count.   2. Stretch Stretching comes after thinking. You don’t eve have to get out of bed.

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“Do it yourself” Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming and so does the stress  generated by Christmas gifts. We make us questions such as: what can I buy for my sister? and for my aunt? will she like it? We can’t forget there’s an economic crisis that affects us, and sometimes we spend too much money on Christmas gifts. Therefore we propose “Do it yourself ” Christmas gifts. Here are some of our ideas. Think who may like these gifts and start crafting!   Vintage Bookends Surely you have at home the classical old telephones in

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Dinners to help you sleep

We created a whole weekly menu with dinners to help you sleep based on macrobiotics. Sometimes, difficulties to fall asleep  or even to rest well during the night have lots to do with nutrition. Not only what we are having, but also de time we are having it. Apart from not having abundant dinners, it’s important to bring the time forward . It may be difficult due to the busy

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December at SHA – a present to end the year

December has always been a month for reflexion. It is the right time to look behind and think about what we did achieve during the ending year and what we would like to achieve for the year starting. Its the right time to plan new things and do it properly, from the beginning. It’s also the time to think which are going to be our goals and resolutions and why not?

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Health and Fitness Travel Reviews SHA Wellness Clinic

Today’s post is a bit different, as we invited the leading experts in health and fitness holidays, Health and Fitness travel to post their review at Sha Magazine. Here’s how Adam Heathcote experience was like. Enjoy the ride! What is SHA Wellness Clinic and who’s it for? Built in 2009, SHA Wellness Clinic is a macrobiotic-based wellness spa and medical clinic encompassing the best of Eastern and Western philosophies to promote a

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15 songs to welcome the weekend

Is there a better way of starting the weekend than listening to good music? We’d like to share our favourite list for Fridays at #SHAmagazine office. One hour of relaxing songs… and not so relaxing ones! We aim you to hear it, we hope you like it and wish you the best of weekends!


10 relaxing Instagram Profiles

6 e-mails, 3 missed calls, 18 whatsapp messages, 2 facebook news… Smartphones make our lives easier, that’s true but… do they also stress us a little? They’re firstly thought to help on working tasks, but most of us can not imagine our lives without certain applications. Nevertheless something is proven: smartphones stress us. Among all notifications revolution we found a peace corner… 10 relaxing instagram profiles with photo galleries that

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User guide for SHA Wellness Clinic new website

Our new web is not only an online reservation site. We’d like to invite you on this guide to get to know it deeply as well as understanding SHA method a bit better. Let’s start the tour!   THE PLACE You will find everything related to SHA’s location, where it is situated, the different areas of the CLINIC SPA and the different suites and restaurant. Everything is enlighted with pictures so

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Healthy books to enjoy your days off

Do you like reading? We give you 3 book recommendations for relaxing this summer Summer holidays have finally arrived! Beach, sea, sun (always protecting your skin with sunscreen) and plenty of free time for enjoying the things you love most, like reading; that is why today we recommend you three books for learning and having a good time during the hottest days of the year. 3 books for your summer reading: Modern-day

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