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Diet for triathletes – Interview to Gemma Casulleras

Gemma Casulleras, a sport professional, read our post about What to have before, during and after exercise  and wrote us to tells her experience of having changed her eating habits for a healthier eating and how it has been a substantial change in all aspects of her life, specially on her diet for triathletes. Thanks a lot Gemma for sharing your experience and tips with the rest of SHA Magazine’s readers! Did

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Healthy cooking classes at SHA – The Chef’s Studio

Have you ever dreamed of sharing the secrets of a professional Chef in the same kitchen? And what if he reveals the secrets of the recipes you love so much so you can learn how to prepare them and taste them at the time? It’s now possible thanks to the Healthy Cooking classes at SHA in The Chef’s Studio. Stay tuned!


My Experience in SHA and The Secret Painter

Imagine that you receive a sheet of paper and a palette of colors. You are told to draw whatever you want. Without much thought, you take the first color that you see and begin painting. After your initial blast you suddenly stop, look at it and realize that you don’t like what you have drawn. You would actually like to start all over again. You ask for another sheet of

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Genetics and skin aging

We Interview  Dr. Gloria Sabater; Specialist in Preventive Medicine and Genetics SHA Wellness Clinic about genetics and the skin aging process.


Start your digital diet: Learn to manage the use of technologies

Probably  you have experienced that while having a priority activity using the computer you have had the need to open a new window to check something different. Probably sometimes you have to re-read the same sentence several times before writing an important letter or you have experienced you can’t focus in the same topic more than 10 minutes.


Bioenergetics Unit at SHA

 What’s the Bioenergetics Unit? Bioenergy is a bridge between medicines because it’s based in the knowledge of the oriental medicine using the technology and tools of the western medicine to work in the magnetic field.  


SHA in the Engel and Völkers Polo Cup Tournament at Majorca

 SHA Wellness Clinic participates in the exclusive Polo Cup Tournament Engel and Völkers at Majorca.   SHA Wellness Clinic, the pioneer worldwide Wellness Clinic dedicated to improving and greatly prolong the health of people through the fusion of ancient oriental disciplines and the most revolutionary oriental techniques, was present on July 31 and August 1st in one of the most unique and special summer sporting events: the 7th edition of Engel

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Plyometric Exercises

  If you are someone who has already started training but want to run faster, lift more weight or just feel better, you need a workout that combines aerobics and strength exercises. Focus on this new fitness trend: plyometric exercises. They are the secret of the best athletes to enhance their performance effectively in the shortest possible time.


5 Homemade Natural air fresheners

There is not better feeling than coming home and smell a pleasant aroma. Nowadays it’s very usual to find chemical air fresheners in every store. However this type of products contains ingredients that can be harmful for the health. That’s why we want to present some homemade natural air fresheners. They are easy to prepare and will decorate your home without causing environmental or health problems.   


VELASHAPE III: the perfect response against localized fat

  Vela Shape III is one of the great novelties on Non-Invasive Aesthetic Medicine treatments at SHA Wellness.  VelaShape III performs is the latest  and more effectively tool against sagging, cellulite and localized fat which helps your achieve a toned body contouring without surgery or recovery time. It’s the perfect and painless answer to treat the most complicated areas that cause women dissatisfaction with their body.

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