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Interview to Mr. Alfredo Bataller, Founder of SHA Wellness Clinic

My objective has always been  being able to share with society a treasure that I was lucky enough to know in a delicate moment of my life. Interview to Mr. Alfredo Bataller, President and Founder of SHA Wellness Clinic, to know deeply the mission, vision and values behind this brand, which has already been awarded with more than 20 International awards.


Recover from the holidays

No matter if it’s Easter, Christmas or Summer Holidays but once we have some free days, we loose our routine and most of times  the healthy habits we already had. A poor and careless diet, the excess of food or alcohol, a messy sleeping or the exposure to sun can take its toll on and make the recover from holidays even harder.


Yin and Yang Foods

Yin and Yang terms have been used during centuries in Tibet, China, Corea, Japan and Taiwan to describe two opposite strengths and complementary at the same time, which are present on every natural phenomena.


Health and Beauty tips for travellers

Most of us enjoy Easter holidays abroad, to know new places and rest and most of us travel by plane. It’s a safe a comfortable way of transportation, but long flight hours can occasionally cause some damage on the organism. That’s why we’re sharing these health and beauty tips for travellers today.


Hatha Yoga vs. Bikram Yoga

It’s not the first time we talk about the different types of Yoga, asanas and poses, like this post about antigravity yoga. But Today we wanted to show the differences between these two yoga modalities: Hatha Yoga vs. Bikram Yoga, as they are the most practiced yoga modalities around the World. Find out their benefits and routines and choose the one that better suits your needs.


Healthy Nutrition tips

Most of the times we don’t know how harmful some foods are for our organism and we continue eating them without knowing that there exist healthier alternatives. Our Macrobiotic consultants at Sha Wellness Clinic share these healthy nutrition tips and propose the following changes into the diet that will for sure contribute to improve the health of those who’d like to try.


Pasta salad healthy recipe (with smoked tofu)

Today we are sharing a pasta salad healthy recipe. A colorful salad with a fresh and natural flavor. For 4 t/6 sharings you will need the following…


Healthy hamburger recipe

Today’s healthy hamburger recipe is really popular among kids (and adults as well) because of the presentation. It is not complicated to prepare, the ingredients are easy to find and it’s just perfect for funny dinners.


William Banks-Blaney – His experience at SHA

Referred to as “The Vintage King” by Vogue and “The King of Vintage” by Harper’s Bazaar William Banks-Blaney founded WilliamVintage 5 years ago after a career as an interior designer. He always loved fashion and saw a gap in the market for an edited, relevant approach to very fine vintage clothing and thankfully, others seem to like his idea! What he loves about his company is discovering a dress and seeing it grace either

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World Cancer Day 2015 – The Best Therapy

Today, 4th February is World Cancer Day 2015  and we wanted to do something special at SHA. We want to send a support message, but above all, we wanted to send a 100% positive message.