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Healthy recipe: Barley salad

You will love the fresh and energetic salad recipe we have today! It’s perfect for summer time and really easy to prepare. Besides, it will help you feel much better due to the digestive, detoxifying and restorative barley properties. Are you ready for this barley salad? Let’s start!


Plyometric Exercises

  If you are someone who has already started training but want to run faster, lift more weight or just feel better, you need a workout that combines aerobics and strength exercises. Focus on this new fitness trend: plyometric exercises. They are the secret of the best athletes to enhance their performance effectively in the shortest possible time.


5 Homemade Natural air fresheners

There is not better feeling than coming home and smell a pleasant aroma. Nowadays it’s very usual to find chemical air fresheners in every store. However this type of products contains ingredients that can be harmful for the health. That’s why we want to present some homemade natural air fresheners. They are easy to prepare and will decorate your home without causing environmental or health problems.   


Healthy recipe: Cold beetroot soup

  We are having a sizzling summer and high temperatures affect everyone. During these days what we eat can help stabilize our body temperature, moisturize our skin and increase our energy and vitality.  That’s why we present a healthy recipe of cold beetroot soup from the book La alimentación natural y energética – Montse Bradford, which is fresh and easy to prepare. It’s a natural recipe without lactose, gluten and sugar free

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VELASHAPE III: the perfect response against localized fat

  Vela Shape III is one of the great novelties on Non-Invasive Aesthetic Medicine treatments at SHA Wellness.  VelaShape III performs is the latest  and more effectively tool against sagging, cellulite and localized fat which helps your achieve a toned body contouring without surgery or recovery time. It’s the perfect and painless answer to treat the most complicated areas that cause women dissatisfaction with their body.


Natural remedies to lighten your hair

  With the chlorine of the pool, the sea, the use of hairdryers and irons, hair dyes end up in greens and reds in addition to dry and break the hair. If you would like a lighter and luminous hair in the warmer months of the year, without using chemicals products that damage your hair, keep reading the following natural remedies to lighten your hair: a natural, quick and simple way to lighten

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Foods that help improve blood circulation

If you are one of those who always has cold hands and foot, usually suffers dizziness or leg swelling, probably you have bad blood circulation. In most cases these problems are related to a sedentary lifestyle or bad eating habits as diets with a lack of nutrients and fiber and low water consumption, but also to hereditary and genetic factors.


Bad breath: Causes and Foods to prevent it

  Probably you sometime had to turn to some gums or sweets to avoid bad breath in front of your friends or family. Don’t worry because bad breath, also known as halitosis, is more common than you may think. Not only is it common in the morning when the mouth is dry after resting all night, actually one out of three people suffers it during the day. We present the most frequent causes of bad

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The best Gadgets for the health

  For the wrist, ankle, forehead, arm… There are many types of gadgets for the health today in the market. They are diverse and very practical so you probably won’t know which one you should choose. For people who love tech as for people who don’t, these gadgets are really easy and simple to use that you will love them. Read through and decide which one suits you better, we prepared a list of

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Jukari: A new fun fitness training

Does your exercises routine bore you? Do you want to work out but are too lazy for it? There are no more excuses because new discipline to train your bod has been created and it’s impossible to get bored while practicing!