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Tips to reduce stress during pregnancy

Although pregnancy is always a reason to be happy, it can also cause some stress. Since the worry for the baby’s health and child’s birth, the anxiety of the postpartum, work, money, advices from friends… Whatever worries you, it shouldn’t be ignored. That’s why we present  some tips to reduce stress during pregnancy. Take note!  


Umeboshi: The alkaline plum

Probably you have heard surely about umeboshi plum but still don’t know its many properties. So today we want to talk about this superfood usually used in China, Korea and Japan as a medicinal food.


What is Onychophagia?

Nervousness, boredom, emotional disorders and stress are some of the causes of onychophagia. Many people experience this compulsive habit of nail biting without realizing that sometimes it can turn into a chronic disease.


The importance of breakfast

Many people don’t feel hungry when they wake up even if they almost didn’t eat the night before. Their body needs some time to re-start and feel hungry, that’s why they just have a coffe, juice or a couple of cookies for breakfast. Altough, skipping breakfast is not a good option and it brings bad consequences throughout the day.


BodyArt: training that releases stress

Nowadays people use to spend much of their time working out in the gym in order to release the stress accumulated during the long working day. However, in order to get a good position working out is not enough, the best is to combine exercises for body and mind at the same time.


Healthy recipe with avocado and beet tart

Every food that enters in our body has an effect on the heart. When we have a problem of inflammation and oxidation in our body, our heart get sick. To prevent it it’s neccesary to eat many organic vegetables that contain chlorophyll, magnesium, potassium and healthy fats.  That’s the reason why today we present a healthy recipe with avocado from Mente Sana magazine, based on ingredients with many beneficial properties for the

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Happiness: 13 tips to be happy

Happiness depends on you and the way you see the world. It’s born inside you, so it doesn’t rely in what others do. We all have an incredible potential to be happy, that’s why we present some simple tips to achieve happiness:


9 energy superfoods to recover vitality

The foods we eat play an important role in the daily development, because our metabolism transforms the energy they provide, allowing us to make all kinds of activities and respond to stimuli on the correct way. For those moments when we feel tired and low of energy, we created this list of 9 energy superfoods that will boost and revitalize our energy.


Post-holiday detox: 8 healthy tips

The schedule modifications, traveling to other countries, meetings with friends, ice creams, beers, snacks and naps after lunch, have probably left us a few extra kilos, and the feeling that we ruined the result of many months bringing a healthy lifestyle.  


Amaranth recipe: Amaranth salad with vegetables

As every Thursday, we bring a healthy recipe to our SHA Magazine. Today’s healthy recipe is made by the favorite food for many athletes and we talked about in an old post due to its amazing properties for health. This is amaranth, the main source of protein of Aztecs, Mayas and Incas, and one of the today’s richest and nutritious foods of the Mexican cuisine. Enjoy this simple and delicious amaranth recipe

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