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Pasta salad healthy recipe (with smoked tofu)

Today we are sharing a pasta salad healthy recipe. A colorful salad with a fresh and natural flavor. For 4 t/6 sharings you will need the following…


Healthy hamburger recipe

Today’s healthy hamburger recipe is really popular among kids (and adults as well) because of the presentation. It is not complicated to prepare, the ingredients are easy to find and it’s just perfect for funny dinners.


William Banks-Blaney – His experience at SHA

Referred to as “The Vintage King” by Vogue and “The King of Vintage” by Harper’s Bazaar William Banks-Blaney founded WilliamVintage 5 years ago after a career as an interior designer. He always loved fashion and saw a gap in the market for an edited, relevant approach to very fine vintage clothing and thankfully, others seem to like his idea! What he loves about his company is discovering a dress and seeing it grace either

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World Cancer Day 2015 – The Best Therapy

Today, 4th February is World Cancer Day 2015  and we wanted to do something special at SHA. We want to send a support message, but above all, we wanted to send a 100% positive message. 


Presents for Valentine’s Day

Not everyone likes/celebrates Valentine’s day. Some people hate it as much as many other just love it. It’s the most romantic day of the year for some while it’s just a date on the calendar for others. Anyway, it’s always nice to give or receive a a gift to your partner, specially when the present concerns health and wellness. From SHA Wellness Clinic we’d like to propose you to give

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Use of medicinal plants

Humans have been using herbs and medicinal plants to cure their ailments since ancient times. The Chinese tradition dates the use of herbal remedies around 3000. B.C. It is said that Shen Nong, “the Divine Farmer” tested hundreds of herbs to identify their therapeutic properties and taught the ancient Chinese the basics of agriculture. As in traditional Western medicine, Chinese remedies are classified according to their intrinsic characteristics and the

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Pumpkin soup macrobiotic recipe

We are enjoying a particularly cold winter and flu is everywhere. Food can help us warming up and fight against typical winter diseases, as well as boosting our immune system. Today’s Pumpkin soup macrobiotic recipe is ideal for a healthy dinner and help our body against cold winter evenings.


Fitness Mentality. With Fernando Sartorius

Every year have new intentions to improve our lives, in this case the challenge that we offer you for 2015 is a new  Fitness Mentality. Since this challenge is not easy, the personal trainer Fernando Sartorius will help us with some basic tips in order we can fulfill our intentions:  


Healthy breakfast: Whole grain oats porridge

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for the people who goes to work and will be out of home for the whole day. That’s why it must be rich in nutrients. We propose you a very healthy breakfast: whole grain oats porridge.  It is a good complement for good macrobiotic breakfast, besides being ideal for a cold winter morning.


Healthy recipe: Tofu scrambled

In SHA Wellness Clinic, we always present you nutrition ideas which try to improve your well-being in every sense, but today we want to share with you a healthy recipe that besides being healthy is very easy to prepare. Anyone, with the necessary ingredients can cook this: Tofu scrambled. After Christmas it is good to eat something healthy to detoxify the body of the excesses committed during holidays.