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5 health benefits of seaweed

Seaweed –also known as sea vegetables or sea plants- consumption has increased over the past several years due to the popularity of superfoods in the mainstream. People wanting to feel and look better, lose weight and have more energy.

Stores everywhere carry packages of seaweed or sea vegetables ready to eat as well as the familiar marinated sea vegetable salads. One can even find sweet treats and crunchy chips with these powerful plants as an added health benefit.

health benefits of seaweed superfoods

While these plants are gaining recognition now, they really are forgotten foods from the past. But thankfully people are waking up to the possibilities of how they can benefit from these miracle sea plants. Look at this 5 main health benefits of seaweed!

1. Superfoods as seaweed are foods that provide essential nutrients by consuming small amounts on a regular basis. It is not always that more is better, we must be conscious that too much of anything takes away from building health. Excess never supports health.

2. Nutrient dense sea vegetables contain vitamin A, D, E, B1, B2, vitamin C, phosphorous, potassium (this gives the plants its salty flavor, not the sodium as many suspect!), iron, iodine, fiber, sodium and small amounts of protein.

3. They have plenty of calcium! Seaweed have up to 10 times more calcium than milk. This is probably the main reason because of seaweed are considered as superfoods.

4. Sea water is very close in chemical composition to human blood. The regular consumption of seaweed in quantities that support your unique condition, can help stabilize blood sugar levels, cleanse the intestinal tract, purify and alkalize the blood, cleanse the lymphatic system, re-balance hormones and help bind and remove heavy metals from the system.  Powerful gifts from nature. The “acid alginate” in sea vegetables can even bind with radioactive material and successfully discharge it from the body.

5. Besides their versatility in food preparation, they add a unique color and texture unlike any other foods. Try new ways to prepare your seaweed. Some of the most delicious sea plants are harvested here in Europe, dulse, kelp, Irish moss, carrageen, sweet kelp, sea lettuce and sea spaghetti which are all traditional to northern European coastal countries.

Still have not added seaweed to your healthy diet?

*Article written by Kenneth Prange, expert in healthy nutrition and natural therapies.

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